Monday, November 21, 2016

A new era of Keyboard experience: Xploree Discover Now

Messaging applications are seeing atleast 1.4 billion monthly users — skewing young and tech savvy.

Increasingly, brands have seen in apps like WhatsApp,also add an attractive opportunity to engage with their audiences on a one-on-one level. At the end of day it's all about the 'experience!' and this is the one key things that brands can compete.

Wanting to catch a movie or craving a taco for lunch? Well, I need not to go to your nearest Taco Bell or even download the app, just a summon away....on a messaging platform, as the "Presto Cards", bring recommendations on Book My Show or Zomato! Wov, how cool is that? 

What's New? "NLPPredictiveIntenticons,Presto

Discovery as a Service: I was introduced to "Xploree Discover Now" from key point technologies! 

I have been using for a while now ..I've been using several keyboard applications, that's so useful while multi tasking, especially in the likes of Swype (Predictive text) keyboard, SwiftKey, Fleksy Keyboard, Microsoft Hub Keyboard that is ever evolving. 

What impressed me is a "content discovery of services that's still mind boggling. The heart of Xploree DS is the "Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning". With Xploree Discover Now, we have a "list of aggregates are ranked" partners presto cards, once a conversation, is initiated. In fact the ‘Intenticons’ (that appear on the right side of screen) stay ,even as the users converse or chat /switch across apps. AI engine that's on the device, one of the takeaway connects users to relevant brands, offers and content with in the context of the conversation, that's a lot of time saving, so that one could avail content from the music and entertainment with just a tap on Presto.

Well, when one draws the phone, the first expectations is whether it's light weight. Interestingly, there a humongous tasks that are performed while performing matches on a daily basis, even to the extent how often a keyboard is drawn ( updated & indexed ) . 

The Company has released "Intent SDK , for the developer community & for consuming the service a " Discovery SDK". I am a believer of getting information, without making too many calls or navigation! 

The "Discovery, is very specific & tailor made for user (matures with the number of sessions) & is based on the application, time, location,service and the results is "cached for a limited period of time. Example: Offers/cricket.

Language adoption:  multi-lingual

Get ready for experiencing faster multi-lingual chat in in regional Indian languages.

The experience faster multi-lingual chat in in regional Indian languages.  Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Oriya, Malayalam with improved language prediction.

Your tweet/post is is now easy on the Xploree keyboard, in Hinglish, Tamlish, Banglish, Kanglish!

We understand that this domain is ever evolving & will be introduced to a plethora of features that Key Point Technologies is working on!!!!  I am sure that would deserve a pat on the back, with positive responses. Xploree Discover now available at  playstore, download here and start Xploring !

Animated Themes:

Although I am not a fan of padding aesthetics, there are themes pushed to enhance the user experience. I am always a fan of monochrome keyboard and really not in a mood to add excitement to my typing!

Well, the next wave is "hyper contextual advertising!" I have started living my life out of "Google Now/Google Assistant,to realise what predictive search can do.

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