Monday, January 1, 2018

Power on the go | Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200

We are living in this connected era, well that comes at a cost of having power and network all the time , without which we find ourselves crippled with, " How I wished  I'd charged the Phone or Laptop".

Intex unveiled a range of  Mobile Accessories September 2017 among which I found the Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC-200, very promising!

Weekend, long drives &  the fact of forgetting to charge the camera, phone, laptop , even the power bank is sorted!

Price : INR 3499/- {Competitive price on Amazon}

200W max continuous power with 2 USB ( DC 5V/3.4A).

Multi-protection: built-in 25A/32V fuse, overvoltage, under-voltage, soft start function, and etc Protection: Low Battery Shutdown, Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Surge Protection CE / ROHS.

Inputs & Outputs:
2 USB Output Port. Input Voltage: DC 11 V~15 V Output Voltage: 220V~240V / 50 Hz Output Power: 200 W, Max 250 W

 A classy black look with Red finish  | Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200

A built-in 25A/32V Fuse prevents over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heating protection, short circuit protection 

Silent Heat Emission feature, impressive!

AC Socket,  2 USB Output ports, on full use 

I've had enablers to turn on AC output to utilize the fast charge using the original chargers of my phones, especially! Average On Time of One Plus hour saves the trouble of clinging on to the power bank! while not worrying the  over-heating , short circuit , as it's covered!

Well,not just interstate travel, but even with in metros needs a lot of power and patience. Just taking the adage "With great power comes great responsibility", to an all new level is the Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200 as I 've personally had experiences of blaming it on the battery if the work doesn't get accomplished! 

We are in an era of always on & being provided with the best infrastructure and enablers would enable us to perform better , stay focused and rest assured with peace of mind , with the ever increasing road rage! Thank you Intex!


Friday, June 30, 2017

@Jonahsbangalore : a relaxing, ambiance!

Exploring the ever changing {growing} 12th main skyline, we headed to "terrace" for a couple of drinks & as the dinner was getting ready... watched gym bunnies bang, opposite..Well, it was a a Wednesday night, a relaxing, pleasing ambiance, & then…we realize that we are @Jonahsvangalore for  #Jonahsnewmenu Jonah’s is a good place for a Vegetarian like me! 

🌿 Spring GREEN ricotta pizza & Scicilana pizza🍕: 

"embellished with artichokes🍈, sundried tomatoes🍅 & pesto olives, bocconcini🌱, spinach,🍀"

🔻 American chicken🍤 pizza 🍕 & Pepperoni pizza
💢Mains: 🌿 Aromatic Pasta

Aubergine Potanta stack roasted Paneer

🔻Grill chicken Broiled fish fillet 

Japanese Beef Steak 

....with herbed rice, sauce & grilled aubergine!

💢Desserts :Trimaisu 

Well, one thing I will have to say about this place is NOT cheap! with a hope that Jonah’s will have food enthusiasts solely on what's new, factor!!!

Exploring the ever changing {growing} 12th main skyline, last night we headed to "terrace" for a couple of drinks & as the dinner was getting ready... watched gym bunnies bang, opposite..Well, it was a a Wednesday night, a relaxing, pleasing ambience, & then…we realize that we are @Jonahsvangalore for #Jonahsnewmenu Jonah’s is a good place for a Vegetarian like me! . . . 🌿 Spring GREEN ricotta pizza Scicilana pizza🍕: embellished with artichokes🍈, sundried tomatoes🍅 & pesto olives, bocconcini🌱, spinach,🍀 🔻 American chicken🍤 pizza 🍕 Pepperoni pizza 💢Mains: 🌿 Aromatic Pasta Pink pasta 🔻 Smoke chicken pasta 🌿 Aubergine Potanta stack roasted Paneer 🔻 Grill chicken Broiled fish fillet Bengal fish curry Rosemarry pork chop Japanese beef steak 💢Desserts : Trimaisu Browine Coconut pannacotta . . #fromwhereistand #whatisee #doyoutravel #focusingonlife #focusonthegood #storyoflife #lbbbangalore #bbcgoodfood #foodtalkindia #sobangalore #foodmaniacindia #OppoF3Plus #latergram
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer of '17 : Grape Stomping 🍇 at Sheraton Grand Bangalore

It was a {Lazy} Sunday & what better thing to do than embracing an invite from Sheraton Bangalore "Grape stomping Festival", in association with Grover Zampa wines

On a humid afternoon having Sparkling Wine & some nibblers, we were just getting ready to kick off our shoes and stomp some grapes, to extract grape juice with our feet. While every event varies, we’ve had a memorable weekend to remember ! 

The "tub!", waiting for Stompers 

Just loved the tunes, played by the Live Band

The atmosphere was fantastic as ever and the great hospitality was taking our experience to an all new high. It was more of a family event with fellow bloggers, we had our banter, with fine wine and some lip smacking food and exhilarating music at Persian Terrace Sheraton Grand Bangalore

We were served both the sparkling wines from Grover Zampa Vineyards "Zampa Soiree {my personal best } and Zampa Soiree Brut Rose", and a mix of Persian to the best of Italian food  from Beneat an Al fresco "blogger table", to be precise!!! 

Bonus Tip {to be read as Boris tip!}- Have Fun!

The Blogger Table :2017 Grape Stomping 🍇  at Sheraton Grand Bangalore 

We did notice the guests having a fabulous time, including us who were indulging & thanks for being tantalized by wacky balloons! & MC Samaira Khan making announcements of the best  couples, who squashed maximum juice in a stipulated time, were awarded an exciting trip to the Grover Zampa Vineyards.

We just kicked off our shoes & stomp some grapes!

 Those moments .....wacky balloons!

The exquisite Italian cuisine created by the renowned Chef Giuseppe Lioce, paired perfectly well with the wine . Chef with his great sense of humor did walk us through "the must try" of the afternoon: Ravioli in white sauce {with a "gorgonzola" cheese filling} and Cavatelli { Pasta } , both the dishes were mind blowing & even the little one enjoyed.

Chef Giuseppe Lioce, Italian Head Chef for the hotel.

Don't they make a pretty pair!

Chef with his great sense of humor did walk us through the must try of the afternoon!

We loved the elaborate spread, starting with typical collection of Italian breads {that goes good with mozzarella cheese } & the 'antipasti station', just loved one of the dishes with caramelized onion, olive oil, oregano & signed off with some desserts! {Gelato & mousse}

Wine stomping has always been a fun-filled occasion & fostering social interactions. 

The Grape Stomping festival was priced at ₹2000 + tax which is a steal {Live food station, Kids Area, Grand Dessert Buffet, Live Band}! 

In my humble opinion, we were enamored by the spread & little one did thoroughly, enjoy it as much as well.


Friday, May 12, 2017

The new league of 'Honor 8 Lite', is intelligent & #ReflectsYou

The all new Honor8lite, gets intelligent with EMUI 5.0, Fingerprints lock, Omnidirectional record & ships with Nougat OOB, plus a 15 month service warranty along with Honor’s signature PUDO {pick up & drop off service}  at INR 17,999 across all Honor partner stores since 12th May 2017 

What's new about Honor 8 lite?

It's a new league of Style, impressive design ships as a double sided 2.5D curved glass display and brushed metal , just enthralls the eyes of the beholder. 5.2” FHD screen is,so optimized, that's it's not only great to hold, but also, a fantastic viewing experience, with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory and a hybrid dual Sim microSD slot . I didn't experience any lag, as it's powered by KRIN 655 along with i5 co-processor & first of to ship with EMUI5.0 so to say it just #ReflectsYou 

5.2” FHD screen : a fantastic viewing experience

A double sided 2.5D curved glass display and brushed metal

Hi board smart services<-1 screen >, features a Global Search

EMUI 5.0: 

A feature rich interface :an intelligent learning system,in your hands! Did you know that the device can be used as a WIFI ROUTER via Wifi Bridge, connect upto 4 devices! 90% user operation:Not to exceed 3 steps via a new UX new design & Performance, stays fast{ promise a better shelf life} & an enhanced Security {all round security bank data, associations at device level, across communication and Smart services make life easier.

EMUI 5.0 : an intelligent learning system,in your hands! 

UX interaction {Simply operations}

▶️Notifications : blocking notifications
▶️ Replying to messages 
▶️deleting {slide left touch n delete}
▶️ simplying home screen {sans app drawer}, 
▶️Standard n app drawer layout
▶️reducing mis-touches 
▶️Keeping calls in the background. 

I am a great fan of the "Private Space", App Privacy , Apptwin {whatsapp, hike, fb} . Additionally, the Hi board features a Global Search & is available in 12 languages 

What Else?

▶️notepad, activities, audio, tag associations to location, to enjoy the best Android experience.

Camera [Sans Dual Lens]:

Great for Low Light photography Honor 8 Lite’ships with 12MP rear shooter, to equip you well for low light photography! and the front 8MP shooter has a a 77° wide angle lens, and a highly-intuitive selfie mode! As a pro, one could explore manual control of all params! Check out the HDR, low light samples just impressed me!

'Good Food mode' gets you the smooth and the right balance of tones for social 

<22indian edits="" language="">Battery: 

Honor 8 Lite packs a 3000mAh, goes hand in hand with "Smart Power 5.0", it's power-saving modes

Honor 8 Lite Battery: 3000mAh &  Smart Power 5.0 system

About Honor: 

Honor is Huawei’s Smartphone e-brand which is also World’s leading smartphone e-brand. The target consumers of Honor are digital native generation , a group that live in the internet, spending more than one third of their time online for social and entertainment, shopping, studying or simply staying connected. Honor customers are young, vibrant and driven by passion. Honor brand has clocked sales of over 20 million honor phones in 2014, accounting for a global revenue of about 2.4 billion USD with a 24 times increase and closed 2015 with a 6Bn global sales. 

Honor has been expanding aggressively in global markets, and has successfully launched in 74 global markets, entering the bestselling charts in most of the European countries honor launched. Accordingly, Honor obtains a huge user base which has yielded powerful mouth-spreading asset. Honor products also enjoy global aesthetics, super processing technology and massive patent support. The three basic characteristics of Honor product: best signals, long battery life and remarkable quality. Honor is born for ultimate tech innovation. For more information please visit:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vivo V5s: takes the Selfie- Centric Era to a new level!

Welcome the all new Vivo V5s, second smartphone for India, while IPL2017, is on : in my humble opinion, it' a lite version of the popular VivoV5Plus!

The phone is priced at Rs.18,990, the Vivo V5s has been available from 6th May 201 offline and online on Very well positioned sub 20k & this new kid on the block is set to revolutionize the Selfie nation , for sure!

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What's Awesome about it?

Vivo V5s is an upscaled version of the Vivo V5,announced last Nov'16 , has a lot of resemblance to in terms of the looks. It sports a beautiful metal uni-body that's strong and shiny. There is no camera bump at the rear of the device which makes the back of this device seamless and comfortable to hold.

Build, OS & beyond : 

The impressive look is the bands at the top and a slightly protruding camera [Not exactly a camera bump] are striking of the few traits Vivo!  

The V5s runs on Funtouch OS 3.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and paired with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, which is expandable up to 256 GB. MediaTek MT6750 1.5GHz octa-core 64-bit processor enables users to experience smooth functioning of the device even while multitasking. The front facing fingerprint sensor nicely integrates with the body of this smartphone. The speakers are placed at the bottom of the device and upfront it sports a full HD ,5.5-inch display, which is bright and offers great viewing angles as well.

There is no denying the fact that sub 20k, it's a run for the money! It's look and feel is yet premium.

A Metal Unibody Design

                    A slightly protruding camera & antenna design striking of the few traits Vivo!  

Performance & Multi-tasking: 

Multi-task with Smart Screen Split, powered by Octa core 64 bit processor,enough battery 3000 mAh for your daily drill. There is also 4GB RAM ,64GB of onboard storage on this device and there is also expandable to 256 GB microSD, which is a plus!

Camera & Selfies :

The VivoV5s sports a 20 megapixel front camera with moonlight glow , amazing images in low lighting conditions. Under low light images get glorified, you know what I am saying! The camera module with moonlight flash, is pretty easy to use! You could tweak the pictures with filters !

I was quite impressed with the Dynamic Range , with images shot in HDR mode. For the selfie obsessed nation, scroll your fingers to the "Beauty Mode" , to help you capture the best selfie & the rear 13-megapixel camera [with PDAF & LED flash] that's capable of clicking some amazing selfies.

Sample Dynamic Range , with image shot in HDR mode 

Shot at dusk Low Light [No Flash]

Sample Group Selfie mode: pan the camera, for'group selfies'

Impressive, color exposure in bright outdoor 

Cheers, " Selfie! shot outdoor, color  slightly overexposed 

About Vivo India: 

The premium global smartphone manufacturer, Vivo entered India in the late 2014. In a short span, Vivo India has become an established Camera & Music brand. Vivo India currently has its presence in more than 400 cities in 22 states, with a strong focus on Camera & Music. Vivo is one of the fastest growing companies in India and one of the top 10 smartphone brands in the world.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Kent Cheng, CEO, Vivo India, said, “After launching the Vivo V5Plus Limited edition, we are thrilled to introduce yet another masterpiece, the Vivo V5s. Through the launch of this device, Vivo aims to provide the best selfie camera phone in the market. Following the overwhelming response for V5, we have equipped the V5s with enhanced storage capacity and an improved operating system. Today, aesthetics like colour and design play a vital role in customers’ purchase decision. As a young and dynamic brand, keeping up to customer demands is essential and a major focus for Vivo. We are hopeful that it will be a great success again.” 


Monday, May 1, 2017

10 Fort Cochin: The Best Coastal Cuisine, yet!

Well, St. Marks Road is ver 2.0* of our own Hauz Khas village {100 ft Road, Indiranagar}. I was enamored as much as my better half, who is a seafood lover, who was thrilled with the offerings of the new kid on the block 10 Fort Cochin. We did have a friendly banter with Mr. Vinoo Vijayan, owner the famous Karthiyayni Hotel in Cherthala known for its famous mullets from the Cochin belt! Tasting began with well plated butter garlic prawns🦐 & tava fry prawns 🦐.... Show stoppers were: Fish & prawn polichathu, cooked in banana leaf, & presented by Mr. Vinoo himself, who puts his heart into cooking & serving people & well it runs in the family, as it's the recipes of Mr. Vinoo's wife & dad 😉 Next time, you drop by ask the history of No:10 Fort Cochin {of Mr. Vinoo & his partner, Mr. Anton Vincent} Asked how the food served was so fresh n the ingredients, we learnt that #pompfrets, pearl-spot, red #snappers, #crabs, and #prawns are delivered every alternate day, from the villages along Arabian Sea coast. . . . #authentic #seafood #fooddiaries #foodtalkindia #sobangalore #storyoflife 📽️ #igersofindia #bangaluru #bengalorediaries #huffpostgram #bbcgoodfood #india_clicks #wanderlustindia #natgeoyourshot #shotononeplus #oneplus3t #fromwhatisee 🍴
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We were delighted to meet Mr. Vinoo Vijayan of Karthiyayni Hotel fame in Cherthala, {extremely down to earth} co-owner of 10 Fort Cochin, located on St Marks Road {Hauz Khaus v 2.0 of Namma Bengaluru}, in Open Box Building! 

Mr. Vinoo Vijayan of Karthiyayni Hotel fame

Well, if you were from God's Own Country, {from Kochi}, you would be familiar, with mullets from the Cochin belt! One of the best weekend evenings! as we did appreciate simple decor & time travlel to Kochi!

Decor @ #10 Fort Cochin 

We {as my better half, appreciates sea food}were asked our preference & the elaborate tasting began with well plated butter garlic prawns & tawa fry prawns!

Butter garlic prawns

Prawns Tawa Fry


Show stoppers were..... Fish pollichathu & prawn pollichathuSignature dishes {cooked in a simmer}, wrapped in banana leaves cooked in banana leaf, & presented by Mr. Vinoo himself, who puts his heart into cooking & serving people & well it runs in the family, as it's the recipes of Mr. Vinoo's wife & dad 😉

We signed of  with Pazham Pori ! the Kerala banana delicacy! with the very feeling of home ... where the heart is! is sure a delicacy for any one looking for authentic Kerala Sea food , as the quest ends here! We thanks Anuradha, for introducing to Mr. Vinoo & extending an invite for a scrumptious delight!   


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Of Sand, Surf & Coastal Cravings: Asia Alive: DoubleTreeSuite

We were invited for exotic aromas & flavors at @doubletree who has churned out a coastal food festival: " Of Sand, Surf & Coastal Cravings, that's ongoing ... from  March 20th - 31st.

Well, it was a mid week & the anticipation to get to any meeting is always a high, be it a formal or food tasting! It was our maiden visit to "Asia Alive ", is a one of a kind, Multi-cuisine, all Day Dining Restaurant, located within the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bangalore hotel on Sarjapur- ORR Junction of Bangalore. 

Chef Anurag Mathur, Executive Chef- @DoubleTreeSuite by Hilton, has churned out the very best of the coastal food festival as a way of celebrating the rich coastal cuisine of India.

As a part of a 11 day dinner buffet which runs in three cyclic menus, the food showcases food from Kerala, Goa, West Bengal, Orissa, coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh,  freshly prepared at the live and interactive kitchens, which was a break from the weekly drill! 

Considering the fact that it's a business hotel, the crowd was a heterogeneous mix of a predominantly inhouse, expats & food enthusiasts... to appreciate the Pan-Asian cuisine, western & continental dishes on its lunch and dinner buffets.

: Seafood Saaru(Karnataka ) & Elumichai Rasam (Tamil Nadu) Starters had a plethora of salads including: Kothambir Vadim (Maharashtra), Sevia Pakoda Koli Sunday (Mangalore), Masala Fried Fish(Kerala) , Butterfish & the interesting part was that yours truly was the only one {Like Prapti said, there is some one.... } exploring vegetarian 

Mains: had a plethora of options.... that was best accompanied with Appam, the Thalassery chicken sum biryani (kerala){from God's own country: Chef Nishant}, Karaikkudi chicken curry (Tamil Nadu), Mamsam Pulls up (Andhra) , Dean Chingri(West Bengal) Maamidikaya Pachadi Chemmem Chammanthi , Tomato Tokku, Pulincurry

While I did explore two servings of aapam with stew /avial & did make an attempt the plethora of offerings : Maamidikai pappu (Andhra), Gujurati Sarati Dhal (Gujrat), Bendakaya Majjiga Pulusu(Andhra), Grand Mushroom Cafreal(Goa) , Kanchikolar kofta(West Bengal) , Avial(Kerala) Phulkopi Kalia(West Bengal) ,The desserts too consisted of varieties of Indian sweets and coastal specialities . 

I kind of liked the Jhaal Muri (Puffed rice chaat) speciality from Calcutta! Ofcourse, signed off with Kalakand & Payasam {was reminded of Sadhya!}

The festival is on till 31st March (buffet dinner) at ₹1099 +tax which is a steal! In my humble opinion, my better half, was enamored by the seafood spread & me being a vegetarian, did thoroughly, enjoy it as much as well.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Work 🎸 Life balance! powdered by Logitech K375s

One of the best additions to my daily drill : "Logitech K375s"

 With the kind of multi tasking I was looking forward to no more compromises. Now life is so easy...... I type till my cursor runs out of ink! comfortably on whatever screen I need with the K375s. Right now. ⏰ #Logitech #K780 #multidevice #multitasking 

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K375s Multi-Device Wireless keyboard is priced at ₹ 1995/- allows users to switch between multiple devices - up to three paired devices at a time - whenever required. With the ability to connect with multiple devices at a time, the product is a perfect way to maintain a work-life balance as you can start typing on your computer and finish an email message on your tablet or create a text on your phone with just one key. 

The full-size layout and special function keys provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience in a spill-resistant design. Apart from providing the option to switch between devices, the Logitech K375s keyboard comes with a universal stand that helps users to keep their mobile device at the right typing angle and hence makes the typing faster, smoother, and more convenient.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Decathlon India: Defusing a let down customer experience

I 'had' of respect to Decathlon as a brand.......

It's just a bunch of folks.....who aren't great at anything in particular , that led to me losing my respect to the brand{Decathlon }today{27th January 2017 } I did a store walk-in in Bangalore's new address at Binnypet & was let down with my experience were interested in Oxelo 3 Piece Kids Skating Protective Gear ₹999/- online {}, but it was priced at ₹1299/-one such instance, the staff said it's the Board Price Sir ₹999/- & we were checking out the newly opened outlet with interesting offers & while we thought we  had almost finalized shopping & proceeded to billing...... {while my spouse noticed the jacked up price!}The Drama started !!!  I was let to the aisle, where I picked up the product & to my dismay , I was told that IT Department/ back-end is updating the stock/price, which could be the reason!!! Enough said, I decided to leave with my family, there comes a gentleman to address my grievance, later understood he was the store in charge { Mr. Samruddha Gadnayak!} who leads me back to the same aisle, I am shocked to see all the board price tags removed & on asking his card/ email, he was so impolite ..... to flash his access card & says, whose email do you need, "whether it was my email or yours???"

I decided to talk no further & wanted to leave as my toddler & spouse witnessed enough drama at 9.00 p.m, of 27th Jan '17 .Let down with abusive manager & the difference price , we decided to void the order & leave. The store Manager walks in to sort out of the store, to ask who gave me this price, I was not interested & we left! 

I did take it up to social Media, I am a very patient person, don't rant about , nevertheless, wanted to have a response , whether at all in INDIA. #ORM works or sucks!

 I tweeted on @Decathlon_India {official handle} on 27th January & after a long weekend of sorts, got a response, on 30th January, seeking my contact etc, I need to think about it? I was told that the Store Manager would call on me {to diffuse the situation}

The Store Manager Rajesh Siva, heard me out {although didn't share his version }. He also, wanted to meet me & share the product I was interested in & I was not really keen! I did express that, the next time I am walking into the store, I would look forward to a change in the management ! I did get a positive response & that sounded like diffusing the situation. The brand can't run the show without ethics!

CRM{Customer Service Management} needs a change!

I would urge any reader, if they have witnessed such & similar situations, what was done & to which forum these issues can be addressed,I'll be more than obliged to ensure, how one needs to guard customer rights, ward situations like these!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crowne Plaza Bangalore Staycation & Sunday Brunch!

Crowne Plaza Bangalore has long been one of my top favorite hotels in Electronic City. During my last visit to this amazing property, last fortnight, we stayed in a Deluxe Room. 

We managed to cover most of the property during this stay-cation! Let me shift my focus, from a  daily drill, as Electronic City happens to be my place of work, to a fantastic accommodation.

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On a highway to Electronic City, IT hub, one would blink & miss a Crowne Plaza Bengaluru hoarding as one, would get off the flyover which says: " God made Sunday, We Just Made it Better! " {Live Music, Mixology, Kids Entertainment} 

-"Big Fat Sunday Brunch", which we were longing to experience & it was a dream come true, staying in Bangalore, it was a sojourn!

Although, Crowne Plaza Bangalore, may not be on top of the minds of many couples, individuals in terms of a stay-cation venue but if you are looking for a unique retreat, this is it!

Rooms have been thoughtfully designed, with all contemporary amenities, bedroom is huge, with ample working space for a business traveler,a plush King-sized bed is a pleasure to sleep in!!

 So, when you make the next reservation, I would highly suggest requesting Deluxe Room #508, which is the fabulous room: we were lucky to be pampered, as the very ambiance, breaks the conventional wisdom of 'room-feel', as it overlooks rooftop restaurant & pool in the distance. I really like the refreshing floral scent, at the entry way & felt almost, like walking up to the pool outside your. Such an amazing feeling!!!  The bathroom showcased ...bathtub, which is a luxury for sure!

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The Crowne Plaza Executive Club Lounge: Located on the 11 floor, the exclusive lounge offers complimentary all day refreshments,evening drinks and high speed internet for club room guests(Courtesy) The Club Lounge was vacant when I visited and I was quickly offered a drink by the staff after selecting a seat overlooking the magnificent garden pool. 

Swimming Pool with a deck view : infinity pool, to soak !

Sprawling 40.000 sq.ft. of plush lawn

Sunday brunch at Crowne Plaza Everyone should at least experience once: Live counter, Music & Sumptuous, Brunch & indulge in a lavish Buffet Spread Continental,Pan Asian, North Indian at 24@43 and unwind over Unlimited IMFL Drinks every Sunday, 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Well, being a foodie, I was just here to experience a culinary journey.

The Restaurants, have been well designed to suit the mood of every individual, of course I have had corporate lunches,24@43,Elegant bistro, but we were here  to a laid back 'food coma'!

The Terminus 

A contemporary high energy resto-bar which offers an eclectic mix of food, drinks, music and entertainment

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Pan-Asian restaurant inspired by the flavour of Asia offers the best culinary delights from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam. 


Awarded as the best Italian restaurants in Bangalore,offers a variety of choices from homemade pastas, thin crust pizzas to a wide variety of superb meats.


World cuisines {Continental, Pan Asian, North Indian }, an all day dining restaurant & we were to witness the "Sunday Brunch!" 

I was nominated to cover English Premier League courtesy CarlsBerg Hospitality Liverpool vs Manchester United @Anfield & still in touch with the folks behind the scenes, for having us on a VIP Hospitality :) I guess, I was still reliving my England experience with my stay at IHG Carlsberg Tour England {2013}

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