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Power Bites school lunchbox recipes: An Initiative To Mark World Diabetes Day

How could one resist the invitation from Movenpick Group, who hosted a Healthy Cooking Class to mark "World Diabetes Day"?Power Bites is a selection of Movenpick’s exclusive dishes for children that focuses on nutritional ingredients and healthy cooking methods presented in a surprising, fun way, via an interactive session as Rayomund Pardiwalla, Executive Chef and Gaurav Bathla, Sous Chef made some 'Power Bites' for our special kid guests. #movenpickblr #eathealthy

Rayomund Pardiwalla, Executive Chef and Gaurav Bathla, Sous Chef make some 'Power Bites' 

@movenpick_bangalore #PowerBites :"School lunchbox recipes", #globalcampaign: #WorldDiabetesDay2016 was organized on 14 November,  at Movenpick Hotels & Resorts to create an awareness about the importance of healthier eating habits and across 21 properties worldwide . . . #movenpickblr #movenpickmoments #foodphotography #foodtalkindia #sobangalore #fbai #latergram 1. tortilla 'sleeping bags' 2 . snails & butterfly sandwiches 3. Watermelon pizza #GauravBathla #RayomundPardiwalla by @aravindbk

Show Stopper: Watermelon pizza with feta and blueberry spread topping

Recipe #1: Tortilla sleeping bags 
Courtesy Gaurav Bathla , Sous Chef... 🎩
#cookingclass hummus spread over tortillas wraps, with raw vegetables decorated with "julienned, cut into fine sticks for hair" & bits of olives . . . 

  • Spread hummus over the tortillas. 
  • Place the vegetable sticks down the center.  Fold the one side of the tortilla over till the
  • Middle, and then fold the other side over, to make a sleeping bag. If it doesn't stick, add some filling to the inside bit to seal it. 
  • Take the julienned veg and make the hair around the cheese. Cut tiny bits of olives for the eyes and mouth and place the pieces to create the face. Place the cheese at the top of the sleeping bag and the veg cutouts on the tortillas to decorate. 

 What’s makes it healthy?
  •  The wrap contains raw vegetables
  •  Hummus is used as a spread instead of a more unhealthy option like mayonnaise 
  • The wraps contain whole wheat
  •  The cheese is low fat

Recipe #2 : Snails & butterfly sandwiches 
Courtesy Gaurav BathlaSous Chef... 🎩
#cookingclass : low fat mayonnaise and natural yoghurt to make an egg mixture & spread it on the bread roll. Get creative to make out a butterfly body & pack dried fruits as a healthy snack to go with the sandwich . . . 

  • Peel the eggs and crush with a fork
  • Mix with the low fat mayonnaise and natural yoghurt into the eggs
  • Slice the crust off the brown bread
  • Spread the egg mixture on the bread and roll
  • Cut slices of red pepper to make the butterfly body
  • Cut the cherry tomato and cucumber to make the head and antennae
  • Serve some dried fruits as a healthy snack to go with the sandwich

What’s makes it healthy?

  • We have used brown or granary bread
  • Half the mayonnaise has been substituted for natural yoghurt
  • Eggs are high in protein
  • Its served with raw vegetables
  • For seasoning we have used seat salt rather than natural and contains less sodium

More than the kiddos, we parents had a festive look , post "Power Bites", as we learnt the art of making  exclusive dishes for our children, while focusing on nutritious ingredients and healthy cooking.

“Movenpick has a long tradition of offering quality food and beverage and through the years, we’ve introduced specialist menus like our nutritious Power Bites for children. We’ve focused our awareness drive on helping to establish healthy eating habits among youngsters and recognise the important part that parents and caretakers play in this respect,” said Andreas Mattmüller, Chief Operating Officer of Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, Middle East and South Asia.

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