Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chili’s (R) Grill & Bar Hosting India's first Cook Off | Master Class & beyond!

Over the years Namme Bengaluru city has been a confluence of cultures & has imbibed influences from all across the planet earth owing to globalization. What's happened in effect , is that along with the cultures, people have also brought in their food, which calls for a glorious celebration A cook-off is a cooking competition where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges, food critics and the general public. It is a famous American competition mostly in the state of Texas. Since before it's inception Chili's has been a big part of Chili Cook Offs in and around Texas. So, to say the same tradition to Bangalore is brought! #MasterClass. It was certainly a classic episode to watch the Culinary Champion-Abhijeet Gomare created the famous Chili's Chili live at :

Venue 1-Chili's at Brigade Orion Mall - 4th October, between 5pm-8pm 
Venue 2-Chili's at Phoenix Market City - 5th October, between 5pm-8pm .

We saw an over whelming response where  the very essence to " Watch , learn , experiment & showcase one's own Chili!"

The first round where the registrants & enthusiasts  get to Chili to Chef Abhijeet Gomare will be held in the below venues. 8 participants will proceed to the finale.

FINALE-The finale will take place at the new outlet launched at lndiranagar as a grand celebration. The 8 participants will present their Chili Dish to the guests of Chili's and a panel of food writers and experts. 

Venue-Chili's Grill & Bar, 100 ft. road, Indiranagar- 19th October between 12pm- 4pm 
Grand Prize worth INR 75K

Excited to be on the panel of "‪#‎Culinary‬ ‪#‎Champion‬ Abhijeet Gomare to create the famous Chili's ‪#‎Cookoff‬event ever in India ! Finalists present dishes to the guests of Chili's and a panel of ‪#‎foodexperts‬ ‪#‎Critics‬.. LIFESTYLE PARTNERS: Jean-Claude Biguine India HOLIDAY PARTNERS: Contiki Holidays & KitchenAid India  
#Culinary Contact: @chilisindia #TexMex Cuisine #Masterclass #AbhijeetGomare #androidphotography #foodgasm #Bengaluru : Inviting cooks and food enthusiasts from Bangalore, the finale will be judged by Chef Abhijeet Gomare, Culinary Contact, Chili’s (R) Grill & Bar, South & West India along with lifestyle blogger and freelancer writer Sanchita Wahi.
@chilisindia India’s first chili cookoff registration! today,Oct 5, 2014, #MasterClass #AbhijeetGomare #instagram #foodgasm #Culinary

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