Wednesday, September 17, 2014

District 6| Perfect blends if shakes & stirs

District 6 Blogger Table was beyond 'the drink', it was indeed the ambiance & the stylish surroundings and the  state-of-the-art micro-brewery! Featured in Microbreweries Collection" Located in proximity to the WTC, Orion and Sheraton and a nice breezy ambiance!! The beer, in Bangalore is not at the best , but nothing like that would you imagine at "The Beer District". The variety beer also was found wanting.

The place is upbeat & sophisticated crowd,place looks just brilliant,  perfect for relaxed get-together and business meetings , with shakes and Stirs giving us a perfect Blend of old favorites for a new experience"!

Just been wanting to go this place ever since it opened & finally got a chance on a Saturday Night a perfect way for indulgence . Awesome Bengaluru adding to the sizzling ambiance 

Kasper Schulz who are over 350 year old brew House manufacturers from Germany and Weyermann helped source the best ingredients from Germany we try to give you the traditional crafting experience .

Well, my education of "District6":  Fry District| Grill & Mains District| Salads, Po- Boys , Wraps & Burger District| Wok & curry District|Beer District|Mixology District
The Chief , The Guru& the Dark Lord

Crafted~Legendry Brewmaster Paul Hubmann #weisbier & dark Lord - my Favorite!
 Smoked and Spiced Margarita


Gautam| heads corporate hospitality introduced me to "Mixology District " Smoked and Spiced Margarita  "
trio of tofu

#BurgerDistrict: - trio of tofu , classic vegetables and dahi kebab @District6PBK #TheDistrict6 yet churning 7 turning out to be the best in perfection for a #hangout #Bangalore After each district sampling  kept asking the fellow bloggers #whatsyourfavoritedistrict?  The overall ambiance is of a cozy brewery!!!
Pork belly yakitori

#GrillsMainsDistrict gave the hunger pangs a twist with Pork belly yakitori coupled with the the chicken sliders perfectly seasoned and not too spicy

New burst of flavors: Potato Gnocchi - Dumplings tossed in vodka beurre blanc ( #grills&Mains) @District6PBK #TheDistrict6 yet #pub #brewery #hangout #whatsyourfavoritedistrict
Vegetarian kebab platter

#Grill & Mains District, offered us a Vegetarian kebab platter - Dahi kebab, kache kele ki galouti, was perfectly spiced and grilled. The Main Course just got better with "Collector Biryani" Awadhi ghosht biryani cooked on dum ,potato garlic raita paired with the "Beer District!"
Apple Crumble

Chocolate fondant

Cheese Cake

Desserts were a plethora: Apple Crumble - Its fruity , Its warmed up & served with ice cream & whipped cream, Chocolate fondant with scoop of Vanilla ice cream!!! ( Photo Credits: Nivedith)  No comments it was perfect...what a lovely evening...

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