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Chili's Grill & Bar's New platter & the palate offerings!

Our week never ends!  That's my adage & is common among the Bengaluru. Bloggers table is more than inviting , where the challenge is with the platter & the palate!!!  Chili's is a chain of Restaurants and has about 2 outlets in Bangalore. Well, i did my baccalaureate in the US and introduced to the Mexican, American! of course the the famed and known dishes like President Margarita etc. Apart from cuisine, it also offers other cuisines such as Mexican/Tex-Mex

Celebrating their American roots & treasured history, this special LTO seeks to introduce the mouth-watering range of delicious eats & intoxicating tipples straight from the time when it all began. This recipes which won hearts and taste buds from 1975 to 1978 will comprise classic dishes which have not been a part of the current regular menu for the last several years.

Offering a range of quintessential American favorites with a tagline of “Taste an American Original”, Chili’s® Grill & Bar promises a gourmet experience like never before. The Original Lipsmackers Circa 1975 sees the inclusion of their famous Home Made Chili such as Texas Red with Beans and Chili’s Pie, along with Chili’s Special Soft Tacos which are tacos served with rice and beans, just like the Cowboys liked ‘em. Prepare to encounter a Texan standoff as you try to choose from a variety of delicious burgers like the Our Own Chili Burger, Chili’s Trip, Terlingua Pride and No Bun Burger. No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to win! Just so that the vegetarian guests do not feel left out, they can experience the same menu in vegetarian options too.

Entering the place it has space enough to seat many people. It disn't seem like a food court at all... trust me !!!based on Bengaluru weather one could choose the inside seating or  outside. We were so lucky for a having gotten a table inside- "The Blogger Table!" indeed on a crowded Saturday!!! that it was all other restaurants as it's the food court area completely packed.  Decor is kind of ok it's comfortable enough & it' was just about time to decide the  "Famed Menu" which predominantly consists of varieties in Pastas, Burgers, Sandwiches and stuff that you would expect to see at a Mexican/American restaurant.  Now I really wanted to try Burgers but it had buffalo meat so couldn't.

Vietnamese Basa
I came in a little late and saw my fellow blogger already delving on "Vietnamese Basa": fillet seasoned with garlic & herbs , Served with rice and seasonal vegetables Making life Aha! for those who crave meat, Chili’s offers a wide variety of Southwest favorites!!! In fact the the quantity was decent for two to share.
Tropical Sunrise Margarita
Very, very good! Made enough to get thru the day. Thanks! Highly recommend.Best ever! This is the best one and tastes (Signature) Chili's because i drink no others!!!  . I don’t think can recommend but for this as  I’ve had anything on Chili’s menu that I didn’t like, but I especially love all their taco and fajita dishes that pair very well!!!
Bombay Burger

My all time favorites as a veggie: " The Bombay Burger" Delicious vegetarian patty fried golden brown with pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato. Served on a toasted sesame seed bun                (Courtesy :

Long island Ice tea, Mojito & President Margarita

Presidente Margarita

Shake up your day with our distinctive hand-shaken Margarita made with Sauza Gold Taquila, Cointreau & Premium Brandy
White Rum, pineapple juice & coconut

Veg Fajita-Sauteed mushroom
Veg Fajita

Sauteed mushrooms in arlic butter with seasonal vegetables are served on a bed fo cilantro  rice & side of beans

President Margarita
History of Presidente!

It wasn’t by accident that the Presidente became one of the most recognized and famous Margaritas in the nation. Before being introduced in 1994, great effort and research was put into finding the perfect balance of premium ingredients and authentic presentation.
Onion String & Crispy pepper Stack

Tripple dipper

Country Fried Calamari
Vietnamese Basa

Alfredo Pasta
Original Lip-smackers menu also sees a selection of delectable beverages such as Frozen Margarita, Special Home Made Sangria to quench your thirst and soothe your mind!!!

I wish I'd in the least rented some cow boy hats & old boots and make that much needed place in your tummy as you taste the delicious delights that those Texan cowboys could experience, right in the comfort of your city at Chili’s Grill & Bar.

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