Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shaken & Stirred at #Troika Cocktail Workshop

I just happened to be flipping through " What color is your parachute!" and realised that we are always in persuit to be and to create enthusiastic human beings!!! 

Well, very niche of such job as knowledgeable bartenders of outstanding caliber,headed to the "Cocktail Workshop" by Rohan Carvalho to learn about bar basic to be on the Fire, Water, Air - at the coming together of these forces is where Troika emerges!!! Just adding to the Spitit of Saturday!!! was Troika "Bangalore's newest address, houses a perfect blend of spirits!!!  food, and an open sky. Indulge your senses in our extensive array of beverages and an exquisite spread of global cuisine. 


"The Man of the Moment " , making sure everything is in order, before the start. Having gone through the menu offerings was an exciting mix of Oriental, Mediterranean and Coastal cuisines -a treat not just for the palate but also the senses. The live interactive kitchen serves the most lip smacking tempting Oriental bowl food - straight from the Wok to the plate. The steaming hot Dimsums served from here, are a treat, under the chilly Bangalore sky. We had the right mindset of folks to celebrate in Troika's vivacious and chic ambience - a destination for those who cherish luxury and style. 

Mixology sessions started off with an ice breaker with a round table of introductions and individual mixology choice!

Bell Pepper Daiquiri White rum, bell peppers & freshly squeezed lime

Awesome Threesome - you couldn't have asked for a better set of friends! combo of rum and kiwi crush. 


  • 45ml light rum
  • 20 ml kiwi krush
  • 10 ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • A fresh slice of kiwi 


Put all the ingredients together with ice, bland it for a few seconds, pour it into glass.

Other cocktails were Sangria - red wine and chopped fruits, Whisky Sour -whisky and egg white, Caipiroska - vodka based drink. We all did Experience the high life with Troika, the hottest new landmark to drink and dine...!!!

Exclusive Fire Bartending:  Rohan Carvalho, World Flair Association (WFA) India Ambassador

I think I might need a couple of these to get me through & stay tuned to Social Media Space, where I share my thoughts & comments onTwitterGoogle+, or Facebook where we are always alive :)

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