Sunday, July 27, 2014

Great Indian Blogging Scene to ZestUpYourLife

Well, Who else could pamper you better!!! Thanks Harish Krishnan, BlogAdda for having me as a "part of something awesome" and having flown 50 bloggers is all about shining the spotlight on " The Great Indian Blogging Scene" celebrating the wonderful blogging talent that's out there. Zuri, it was !!! a very calm place in South Goa - this hotel provided us with much needed tranquility and peace after days of debauchery in Bangalore ! This is my first presence to have been with 50 bloggers will also see themselves driving around in a new TATA Zest for a weekend! 

After a shuffle and beat of travel, a welcoming sign of Bloggers across India! What a Scene it was , in my humble opinion! Post registration we almost started networking, making new acquaintances. I have been engrossed in the world of social media and now I get to do handle a friendly banter with "twitter handles"

We're sure you'll fall in love with them and their wonderful authors as much as we have. Enjoy. And don't forget to vote for your favorites! A very calm place in South Goa - this hotel provided us with much needed tranquility and peace after days of debauchery in Bangalore. Firstly, Zuri is huge!! It take quite a bit of time just to walk from one end of the hotel to another. The adjoining beach is amazing - white sands and very impressive just to add zest to your life .....I happened to be step out of the sojourn and guess what, "A rendezvous with none other than MissMalini, Speechless!"
The wait was over and finally at 7:30 PM, at Unicorn Hall, Zuri, Missmalini aka Bollywood Junkie, Fashionistas representing the youth face of India, host for pepping us and adding Zest to our lives flagged off Master Class,  with an element of surprise, In fact most of us kept guessing having seen the placards and hoardings : "Narain Karthikeyan" who broke the silence, by conceptualizing Revotron, the very presence gave all of us a jolt! We were also introduced to the Tata Zest team, who gave a run down of the features that are going to take us by a storm! 

Can  I call him a "Surprise Celeb!" , added zest Unicorn. As the first Indian driver to race in Formula One and closely associated with Revotron 1.2T engine development, Narain, showcased the ones demonstrated in the customer centric zones bringing to life engine benefits. Also , we were asked to get immersed in the sound experience zone, that was a visual treat He had great regards to the geek team most of them in the early twenty's who have made it happen, exemplary 3 engine drive modes (sport, eco and city) to highlight Revotron’s drive quality!!! setting the expectations for the next day !!! 

Harish, Anant and Preei  (busy and missing from the scene) and Ankita of BlogAdda, a big thank you, to the  Moderators, folks behind the scenes, for having us on a VIP Hospitality :) and loverly travel buddies Hrish Thota  and Nivedith I am still reliving my Zest experience, Through out the journey, I started making friends,  I was reminded of  "Buddy movies and television shows abound",  One of our favorites, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, teamed Robert Redford and Paul Newman. The Lethal Weapon series which offered the friendship of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, is also a case one can look up to!!!! The  Rush Hour series, "Red Heat", the popular TV show in the west "Seinfeld"...the list goes on....!!!!

Our Week never ends! Sunday we were flagged off after a briefing session on a planned drive 25 kms, in teams of three to take a spin of the Diesel and petrol variants! 

Color and temperature, darkness and light, rough and smooth textures—all these sensations influence your inner world and your actions with unexpected power experience unconsciously affect your everyday decisions and choices—with profound implications for your everyday life.

Before you read the Zest Driving Experience, find a comfy place to sit and settle in with a mug of something warm. If you can, wrap yourself in a soft jacket, shawl, or blanket. Once you’re warm and cozy, you’ll warm to new ideas more quickly. Now listen: This experience holds the power to change your life!!!

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