Sunday, July 27, 2014

Get Set & ZestUp spin at White Sands

Excited to have been in the league of 50 Bloggers across India, who were all 'reved up' & 'zest-up!' It was a long time have driven a Tata that has gotten me very close to being that impressive. Well, as we embarked on Day II of the experiencing the drive & take a spin, nothing could stop us!!! not even the rain gods of GOA. This is the drive we've been waiting for to unlock the feature& join the league of Tata loyalists after the company showcased their future cars and engine at the Auto Expo! The compact sedan is at logger heads with the long standing, rivals by offering first-in-segment features such as a turbocharged petrol engine and a diesel powered automated manual transmission. 

The entire performance was Zested by the Blogadda’s Team & hat’s off to #MasterClass, Narain Karthikeyan played the performance & platform & MissMalini flagged of day II with the route map & beyond teaming up three bloggers, getting the best of the experience by switching at stops. We bloggers had a briefing session about the features of the car, Do's & Dont's & what to look out for 

The Mantra of Tata Zest was clearly exemplified “Design Next, Driven Next, Connect Next"!!! The way we experience, the visual appeal of the alloys is not to be missed and this rang bells with my similarity of Vista that I'd reviewed a year ago. As we walked to the the procession of cars, in my humble opinion C-Pillar and boot attracted the most. Once I was asked to take the wheel, the very features rang bells of "Design Next features": New Signature grille, Power Bulge, Strong shoulder lines, Rear Sling Shot, Layers, Driver Centric dashboard, Projector headlamps ,LED tail lamps, the Alloys!!!

(Left to Right: The Spoke, Signature Tail, Go Pro on the dashboard, Check out  Selfie your;'s truly!) 

The front fascia of the Zest wears large light clusters with projector headlights. Sharply cut LED taillights, a chrome strip and badging of the car, variant and engine type. As I took the wheel, what got us excited is the cabin space & boot space The center console started screaming, "Lay your hands on me! “Of this mid-level variant gets a non-touchscreen music system, below which rests controls for the AC. Towards the passenger side, the dashboard gets a beige leather-like insert which looks and feels premium. Zest’s interior is a step in the right direction nevertheless. Impressed with the plentyness I meant the adequate headroom and shoulder room for three adults, since the center armrest is not available, all exemplifying the "Driven Next" experience Multi drive Modes, AMT Diesel, Gen9ABS,Hard baked Steel, rear passenger protection, best in class AC, rear roominess, excellent dual path suspension 

We all like in a generation that is "Connected" Connect Next , clearly exemplifies the best in class steering mounted control, rear park assist view, Image viewer, Volume by speed, FTAC controls in touchscreen, SMS Readouts, Voice command recognition, smart phone integration   & the best in Class. Well, I didn't feel like getting off the car, power of three engines. 

Well, I have a whale of time for Philosophy!!! The teeth of elephant represent the combination of pleasure and pain that a leader can experience. The one broken tooth of Vinayaka reflects creativity.The very Drive experience and smile because we're happy!!!

 All in all it has been a fantastic experience! 

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  1. loved the pic of the cars awaiting us as well as the awesome alloys :)


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