Monday, June 30, 2014

Pan Asian: " Oriental Cuisine", Mr. Hong, Orion Mall, Bangalore

A superb movie watching experience happens at no other than PVR, India's most premium film entertainment  especially in gaming (bluO) which has multiple  options for family entertainment like Karaoke, Dart games, Foosball, F1 Racing, Spa, Tattoo and more. Not compromising on ‘more’, bluO offers a wide range of delectable delights that include delicacies from across the globe to relish on, which are suitable for adults & kids with specific preference. bluO is well provisioned with a bar that stocks both international and domestic liquors. It also houses some choicest wines.

Mr. Hong as a brand plays on several typical themes of Chinese culture. Hong means red color and also describes one of the most popular types of tea in China. Hong also describes a mercantile establishment or shop house, and also is synonymous with fragrant in Cantonese. Mr. Hong as such aims to embody these underlying themes while giving the brand a personalized trait that makes it approachable, unintimidating, friendly and immediately recognizable within the marketplace.   

Mr. Hong ® is a contemporary rendition of the Chinese Tea House concept with a fusion twist incorporating culinary influences spanning across the South East Asian regions.Mr. Hong revolves around Tea as the underlying theme infused in every aspect of the brand, from food and beverage recipes to interior design. Serving an eclectic range of tapas-like steamed or fried dishes such as Dim Sums, accompanied by Chinese red tea or signature tea-based mocktails or cocktails, Mr. Hong aims to epitomize Chinese and South Asian hospitality at its best.To achieve this, Mr. Hong taps into culinary talents from around the Greater China and South East Asian regions while delivering uncompromised quality of service and unique guest experience!

Tom Yum Veg Soup ( Veg & Non Veg): It is a hot and sour soup made with authentic Thai flavors of coriander, chilly and basil and perfect to sooth your throat and your senses

Som Tum Classic Salad: Green Papaya Salad which is a popular dish from the North Eastern part of Thailand that combines spicy, sour and sweet flavors to make a classic dish. It is often served alongside barbecue or grilled chicken and a portion of sticky rice

Spicy Pomelo Shrimp Salad  is one of the most famous of all Thai salads, and a favorite among Thai food fans. Pomelo is a citrus fruit similar to grapefruit, but larger and tastes more like pink grapefruit than white.

Set against a contemporary décor with subtle art deco undertones featuring Chinese artifacts such as clay pots and jars reminiscent of the age-old Tea trade, Mr. Hong’s dining room is both theatrical and welcoming.
A highly-themed cross over concept emulating Din Tai Fung’s menu and fast table turnover and Island Tang’s polished comfort, Mr Hong offers patrons a quality experience at a value for money pricing. Be it for a business lunch, casual pre or post-show dinner or cocktail, high tea or family weekend brunch, Mr. Hong caters to a broad consumer spectrum in the immediate multi-purpose commercial, residential and office catchment as well as the wider marketplace.

Welcome Drink! Apple Ginger mint, orange chilly lemon, Guava Delight and Cucumber Elder Flower but my favorite was Orange Chilly lemon which has a tangy citrus twist to it

Steamed Veg & Chicken Dumpling : authentic flavors steamed to soft, sticky perfection

Orion Mall and PVR bluO, Mr Hong is a recommendations as a destination to be over the weekends for a lifestyle quality experience! Stay tuned to Social Media Space, where I share my thoughts & comments on TwitterGoogle+ Pinterest LinkedInor Facebook where we are always alive :)
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