Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Teppan: Authentic Japanese food & a teppanyaki experience!!!

Finally made it to Teppan after hearing rave reviews from my friends. It wasn't really crowded for a midweek , we got a table easily #teppanyaki… Ambiance is pretty straight forward with Teppanyaki grill on each table and chairs around it..
We set our taste buds on fire as Oriental Cuisines Private Limited (OCPL) brought to us , the best of Japanese cuisine!!! Teppan has to its credit the distinction of being the first stand-alone Teppanyaki grill in the country The right balance of flavours, the perfect texture, authentic ingredients and only the best chefs who prepare every dish with expert ease!!! I'll  take the liberty to talk about the performance by the chef , who is multi-talented .

Here's yours truly, mastering the art where the expert hands of the teppanyaki masters cut, cook, and flip before you.I managed to get a close encounter with Chef Aji Joseph who has been with Oriental Cuisines for ten years now and is the Corporate Chef, Fine Dine at the company. He specializes in Spanish, Mexican, Italian and Kerala cuisines.(CourtesyI am impressed with the exotic original collector's edition artifacts and a staff that is eager to please, they promise that at Teppan the food is only a part of the complete experience that they offer!!! Teppan's master chefs have been flown down from all across the globe to provide the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine, to savor the flavors of Japan's best.

The much awaited.....Kappa Maki,(Shredded cucumber rolled with sushi vinegared rice), Oishi Kyuuri Maki ( Avacado, cucumber rolled with sushi vinegared rice & nori, coated with Japenese batter , deep fried, dressed with teriyaki sause & Japanese Mayo), Sanshoko maki (Iceberg lettuce, cucumber,carrot,rolled with Sushi vinegar ed rice, topped with Avocado) were being served! Since we were not extremely hungry my fellow bloggers decided to go for a portion of salmon maki, ebi yakimeshi (prawn and egg rice), niniku yakimeshi (burnt garlic vegetable rice) and grilled chicken. I was having a maki for the first time and instantly loved the dish.

Soon the performance by the chef "June" started, off with a bang!!! Flying Rice, haha!! It was really awesome to some of the tricks , even with a deck of cards!!! He reminded me of "Edward Scissor-hands  for engaging us throughout, the dinner experience!!! Impressed with the jig he did with the eggs, toppings they add.  Very interesting experience I say! The (garlic) fried rice was really good and tasty. The chicken I understand was exceptionally good and we are looking forward to trying their "unlimited sushi menu". definitely next time!
Assorted grilled veggies in oriental sauce

(garlic) fried rice

Not being a connoisseur of Japanese food, All in all Teppan #Teppanyaki made our experimental dining experience very satisfied, with a choice of Scrumptious desserts!!! 
Japanese dessert selection

Just flabbergasted with the " Teppanyaki Set Menus" , Starter’s and dessert’s come from main kitchen, Main course’s, vegetable’s and rice will be prepared in front of us!
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