Friday, April 4, 2014

Puma: A little slice of Brasil in Bangalore

PUMA Introduces 2014 Brazil Inspired Range: The new designs recognize the vibrancy and soccer legacy of Brazil. The Puma Brasil Football, a green-yellow-and blue suede with vintage tailoring is also available for men who want a PUMA classic with World Cup flair.

There! #brasilreveal— Richaa Agarwal (@richaaagarwal) March 20, 2014

Brazil has great cushioning and style while standing out with yellow and green coloring giving your outfit that Brazilian touch.The invitee were a few special folks across the industries of music, fashion, design ,photography and revealed the Brasil collection to theme !!!

PUMA’s brand new Brasil collection has only just hit the stores, but before it did, we gave a handful of very creative people a sneak preview of the collection. The Elite were asked to interpret the collection through their art or through a collaboration with a fellow creative person present there, 3 hours hence!!!

Pranav Misra (HUEMN) Sounak Sen Bharat (House of 3) Elton Fernandez (Make up &hair stylist) Akshai Sarin (Producer) Premik Jolly (Musician) Raka Ashok (Illustrater/Music producer) VJ Kaycee (Visual Jockey) Ashish Parmar (Photographer) Richaa Agarwal (Photographer/Film Maker)  

They certainly are striking!!!

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