Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Monkeys Brewpub: Country’s first Island Bar

3 Monkeys, "in pursuit of happiness" a brewpub with a difference, is precisely doing this in the microbrewery industry and in the process raise the bar of pub culture to a new high in Bangalore on March 22nd  when it open taps for thirsty enthusiasts to serve freshly crafted beers Now no more....Confusion at the end of the spectrum, & I clearly know what I was to start with!!!  

"Island Bar concept & Longest Bar Counter in the country!!!" make 3 Monkeys Stand apart!!! Probably for the first time in the country here is a microbrewery that is bang in the middle of the huge hall that provides beer enthusiasts a 360 degree  view of the brewing process. " Weisen Beer from the US, Mexican Pale Lager, Irish Ale, Australian Pale Ale and many more popular & innovative seasonal beers!!! And of course  the Signature collection.

The 140 feet long bar counter encompassing the microbrewery allows beer lovers to not only see the beer manufacturing process but also have a live chat with the Canadian Brew Master on nuances associated with beer. Another feature of 3 Monkeys is that the brewpub is spread over 13,500 sq ft at a single level with well appointed corners for corporate get-togethers, theme parties, formal / informal briefing sessions, etc. 

Mr. Martin, the Canadian Brew Master was a chilled out guy & did an introduction!!!! Did you know that " Signature Wheat IPA!" , first ever time in India... famous India Pale Ale (IPA) is made by Wheat malt.. now this is the worthy entry into 3 Monkeys Signature Collection...!!! 
Well, of the popular & innovative seasonal beers,  I was introduced to the "Mexican Pale Lager .." I had the Corona Extra which is the number-one selling beer in Mexico & the "Mexican Pale Lager", was different :) 
When we met  Mr. Martin, the Canadian Brew Master, he said "guys are you in  for a Wheat Beer challenge?" We learnt at the end of it all that "The real Belgian Wheat" is the most popular out of 3 Monkeys .....
Besides offering beer, 3 Monkeys will offer fine dining experience for its guests who wish to experience food from across the world. 
On offer are, Continental, Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai to exotic Indian cuisine. The fine dining area is well defined and exclusive within the pub on the same floor. A sumptuous lunch / buffet are offered during weekdays for the corporate crowd who happen to be in the vicinity. 

Commenting on the brew that will flow from its taps, Mr. Martin, the Canadian Brew Master at 3 Monkeys said, "In-addition to popular brews we will offer innovative, signature and seasonal beers round the year. While 3 Monkeys is fully geared to brew most exotic flavours, we still prefer to map taste buds of beer enthusiasts and innovate from there." 

According to Mr. Phani Rama Krishna Reddy Kothwali, Director, 3 Monkeys, "We believe in giving the finest craft brew experience with beer made with the best ingredients sourced from across the globe. We are also keen to update the beer offerings periodically and introduce newly-discovered brew flavours from across the globe." 

About 3 Monkeys: 
 3 Monkeys is an initiative of three first generation entrepreneurs - Phani Rama Krishna Reddy Kothwali, Vamsi Krishna Reddy Kothwali and Sudhakar Reddy Yannam, who are also IT professionals. 3 Monkeys is an attempt by them to give Bangaloreans the best of what they have experienced themselves globally. 3 Monkeys is a 333 cover brewpub spread over 13,500 sq ft all at a single level. The main attraction of the brewpub is its Island Bar, the 140 ft long bar counter encompassing the brew house and its innovative, signature and seasonal brews crafted by the Canadian brew master.
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