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Four Seasons Shiraz: Tasting Notes & Beyond!

Four Seasons Shiraz (Courtesy)

Type : Still Red Wine Grapes :Shiraz 
Origin : Baramati, Maharashtra, India 
Style: Dry 

Tasting notes: 
Color : Dark ruby red with black cherry hues. 

Aroma : Crushed raspberries abound, combining with spicy and smoky notes and a subtle hints of violet. 

Palate : This rich, full-bodied wine has a nice amount of complexity offering fruit and spice on the palate and a pleasant finish with smooth velvety tannins. 

Serving suggestion: Enjoyed best at 16 - 18° C with barbequed red meats and game. Its spicy character makes it an ideal accompaniment to Indian cuisine.

When trying to pair food with wine, your goal should be to attain a perfect balance between the two.If one is not that experimental, try your pairing !!! by following a thumb rule (Check : 15 Rules for great wine pairing!

Enjoying a glass of wine is like holding a story by the stem. Theme, character, composition – critical elements of a story, all find expression in India’s most awarded range of wines - Four Seasons.  The award-winning range of wines have been crafted with the technical expertise of Bouvet-Ladubay, France and perfectly complement different styles of cuisines.

The varietal range available in three reds, three whites and a rose, has been styled to suit the diversity of the Indian palate. Hence, one will find the wines fairly fruit forward, with a good balance.  

The premium range of Four Seasons  Barrique Reserve Collection, available in two popular varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, are made in limited batches and undergo a nine-month maturation in new French oak barrels that lends these wines a subtle complexity, an enigmatic bouquet, a velvety texture and a lingering finish – truly living up to their reserve designation.

Enjoy the experience of unravelling, sip by exquisite sip, the heart, body and soul of this unique Indian wine story – Four Seasons.
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