Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Experiment & Explore: Life at a Glance!

Hello Fellows!!! How are you doing, wherever on this blessed planet you may be. I am sure very busy or at least pretending to be I at least pretend to be busy, no qualms in saying that, who likes to work in any case. Relax all the time and do nothing if one were to feed and clothe you for the rest of your lives I am sure. Anyway, that is getting extremely Utopian talk, nothing of that sort is going to happen in any case, only in dreams perhaps. It did take me a long time before I could sit and type out this email that I am writing, but as the adage goes, better late than never.  Well, things are going alright from my side I hope.

Born & brought up in Bangalore....Did my Schooling in Sri Aurobindo Memorial, did a bit of 10 years ... went to National College, did my baccalaureate In Mysore & spent over 2 & 1/2 years in the States (NJ) & decided to get back to my abode... It's been a journey!!!

Everywhere there is some kind of potential difference & rub off.....Come on, I still remember my English teacher commend about my running handwriting as an art-form...... I still have a couple of books of my childhood.... Red marks, circles all over " Dot your "I's" & dash your "T's" . I still remember the "rat race we are all in...!" I was in a top cadre & topped in My School academically & sports as well :)  & having seen the high, it was about time to make a Career choice!!! 

Godfathers' at home, wanted me to pursue!!! Medicine ( I was like a horse with a blinker) while my interests was to make an Engineer of me & with a shuffle n beat, I joined School of Medicine in one the best Schools in Karnataka -Kasturba Medical College Manipal !!! while most of the peers pursued in the best of Engineering Schools. Managed  a trimester with flying colors when I decided, what I was doing was not my cup of Tea & I knew the repercussions !!!  of losing a year, again going through the grind of Campus Interviews , giving the Entrance Test all over again!!! 

 " I was determined to face anything as I was responsible for my actions!!!  Even in moments of great conflict and discouragement, giving up is no solution. It merely substitutes a new set of miseries for the ones left behind......!!!

& I went back to Engineering School after a year to join my peers  who were now my seniors at School... Remember it took me one year to become their Junior ( a laugh riot!) I made it to the top, never gave up! & from baccalaureate to Masters Degree...oh yes!!!  

Classes, "research" and all that jazz, which reminds me, It's like being in New Jersey/New York, just a couple of days back!!! I had the best support system to give my best "Friends for lifetime.....!!!" For all of you who have been out of touch with academics, (when were we ever in touch ??), there are still dreary acts like finishing assignments!!! you know. Other than the fact that its mighty cold outside; which is customary at this time of the year in the Western hemisphere, for all you tropical natives who do not know the meaning of cold or ice; and doesn't seem like the weather is going to let up sometime in the future, nothing new, just the usual grind.!!!! 

How is life treating you all ? Based on personal experience, I don't think the platter is even at all time with respect to good or bad, but then, who defines good or bad. Enough of rambling, lets get on with our lives shall we. PS: I am Married & no more available, if any of you have any good looking friends of the opposite sex in the US, do give them my number, so that chivalry may be extended to them.

I  feel a little awkward for not having returned your mails in the first place. It was "TIME" which happened to be very candid, anyways I shall keep in touch via e-mail. I have now moved from so acclaimed " ACADEMIA-to-INDUSTRY" kinds........very corporate, professionally. Digital GlobalSoft ( A Hewlett-Packard Company) is growing very well in this captive market.  It's been a quarter ( US nomenclature!).  The kind of respect people have for research especially at the institute (IISc,) is phenomenal in terms of their Management Philosophy...In an industry, you'll have tall claims, pike syndromes, and the bone of contention is "Cardinal-? Clientile..."  Success, in terms of research experience...past/last several years or very body is a village marksman...who doesn't distinguish b/n Kairos & Chronos!!! Enough of this clock vs compass crap!!!  I shall post post you of any happenings, developments here.....

What's happening your side regarding remuneration kinds..?? Any credibility?? 

How will you beat the odds? Now I have grown up in a stable and loving environment and have no ugly scars or bitter memories!!! 

Keep the powerful currents in their proper channels.Only that measure of determination will preserve the love with which you began, there is very little in life that competes with that priority!!

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