Monday, January 1, 2018

Power on the go | Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200

We are living in this connected era, well that comes at a cost of having power and network all the time , without which we find ourselves crippled with, " How I wished  I'd charged the Phone or Laptop".

Intex unveiled a range of  Mobile Accessories September 2017 among which I found the Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC-200, very promising!

Weekend, long drives &  the fact of forgetting to charge the camera, phone, laptop , even the power bank is sorted!

Price : INR 3499/- {Competitive price on Amazon}

200W max continuous power with 2 USB ( DC 5V/3.4A).

Multi-protection: built-in 25A/32V fuse, overvoltage, under-voltage, soft start function, and etc Protection: Low Battery Shutdown, Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Surge Protection CE / ROHS.

Inputs & Outputs:
2 USB Output Port. Input Voltage: DC 11 V~15 V Output Voltage: 220V~240V / 50 Hz Output Power: 200 W, Max 250 W

 A classy black look with Red finish  | Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200

A built-in 25A/32V Fuse prevents over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heating protection, short circuit protection 

Silent Heat Emission feature, impressive!

AC Socket,  2 USB Output ports, on full use 

I've had enablers to turn on AC output to utilize the fast charge using the original chargers of my phones, especially! Average On Time of One Plus hour saves the trouble of clinging on to the power bank! while not worrying the  over-heating , short circuit , as it's covered!

Well,not just interstate travel, but even with in metros needs a lot of power and patience. Just taking the adage "With great power comes great responsibility", to an all new level is the Intex Multipurpose Car Inverter Charger DC- 200 as I 've personally had experiences of blaming it on the battery if the work doesn't get accomplished! 

We are in an era of always on & being provided with the best infrastructure and enablers would enable us to perform better , stay focused and rest assured with peace of mind , with the ever increasing road rage! Thank you Intex!

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