Monday, February 13, 2017

Work 🎸 Life balance! powdered by Logitech K375s

One of the best additions to my daily drill : "Logitech K375s"

 With the kind of multi tasking I was looking forward to no more compromises. Now life is so easy...... I type till my cursor runs out of ink! comfortably on whatever screen I need with the K375s. Right now. ⏰ #Logitech #K780 #multidevice #multitasking 

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K375s Multi-Device Wireless keyboard is priced at ₹ 1995/- allows users to switch between multiple devices - up to three paired devices at a time - whenever required. With the ability to connect with multiple devices at a time, the product is a perfect way to maintain a work-life balance as you can start typing on your computer and finish an email message on your tablet or create a text on your phone with just one key. 

The full-size layout and special function keys provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience in a spill-resistant design. Apart from providing the option to switch between devices, the Logitech K375s keyboard comes with a universal stand that helps users to keep their mobile device at the right typing angle and hence makes the typing faster, smoother, and more convenient.

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