Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Decathlon India: Defusing a let down customer experience

I 'had' of respect to Decathlon as a brand.......

It's just a bunch of folks.....who aren't great at anything in particular , that led to me losing my respect to the brand{Decathlon }today{27th January 2017 } I did a store walk-in in Bangalore's new address at Binnypet & was let down with my experience were interested in Oxelo 3 Piece Kids Skating Protective Gear ₹999/- online {}, but it was priced at ₹1299/-one such instance, the staff said it's the Board Price Sir ₹999/- & we were checking out the newly opened outlet with interesting offers & while we thought we  had almost finalized shopping & proceeded to billing...... {while my spouse noticed the jacked up price!}The Drama started !!!  I was let to the aisle, where I picked up the product & to my dismay , I was told that IT Department/ back-end is updating the stock/price, which could be the reason!!! Enough said, I decided to leave with my family, there comes a gentleman to address my grievance, later understood he was the store in charge { Mr. Samruddha Gadnayak!} who leads me back to the same aisle, I am shocked to see all the board price tags removed & on asking his card/ email, he was so impolite ..... to flash his access card & says, whose email do you need, "whether it was my email or yours???"

I decided to talk no further & wanted to leave as my toddler & spouse witnessed enough drama at 9.00 p.m, of 27th Jan '17 .Let down with abusive manager & the difference price , we decided to void the order & leave. The store Manager walks in to sort out of the store, to ask who gave me this price, I was not interested & we left! 

I did take it up to social Media, I am a very patient person, don't rant about , nevertheless, wanted to have a response , whether at all in INDIA. #ORM works or sucks!

 I tweeted on @Decathlon_India {official handle} on 27th January & after a long weekend of sorts, got a response, on 30th January, seeking my contact etc, I need to think about it? I was told that the Store Manager would call on me {to diffuse the situation}

The Store Manager Rajesh Siva, heard me out {although didn't share his version }. He also, wanted to meet me & share the product I was interested in & I was not really keen! I did express that, the next time I am walking into the store, I would look forward to a change in the management ! I did get a positive response & that sounded like diffusing the situation. The brand can't run the show without ethics!

CRM{Customer Service Management} needs a change!

I would urge any reader, if they have witnessed such & similar situations, what was done & to which forum these issues can be addressed,I'll be more than obliged to ensure, how one needs to guard customer rights, ward situations like these!

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