Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Grandeur of Chettinad at Feast, Sheraton

What does the very thought of "Chettinad Food Festival", make you ponder? Aroma! that's right, we were invited forChettiars signature delicacies, to satiate the culinary delicacies and create a phenomenal South Indian experience from Chettinad,especially the spices used in preparing food.
Restaurant had a make over with Live Counters preparing signature aapam with veg stew, nei paniyaram adai dosa which goes with with the popular "chettinad" chicken masala, prawn masala and one would certainly not be disappointed

Just how the Podi's have taken stage ....I recollect to top of my head, the tamarind powder, , whole red chilies (badge),bay leaf,peppercorn, cumin, fenugreek, lavangam or cloves which are eaten with rice (white)

Every visit of mine at "Feast" gets better. So much choice, great quality. I might not be wrong to admit that it's one of the best brunches by the finest who offer life time experiences in town! In fact we were on #Day 1 of the merger of Star-woods & Marriott merger 

Kozhi Kaal Pirattai 

Sous Chef described the experience he inculcated with Chef Sabari's whose home turf is "Chettinad", Karai Kudi, Pudukottai. How I wish to be a part of the travelogue next time around, prawn,chicken and mutton
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For an experience the ‘Chettinad’ culture do visit:

Sheraton Grand at Brigade gateway, 
 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram-Rajajinagar, 
Bangalore, Karnataka 560055, 
Price:Lunch: INR 1445++ Dinner: INR 1595++
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