Monday, July 11, 2016

Flyme5 OS on Meizu MX5 deserves High 5!

Well, technology is changing the way we live , rediscovering through enriching experiences. So much has been the advent of Android . With the advent of one influence, there will certainly about five in the minimum to counter it! I've been introduced to several , especially in the likes of Huawei's Emotion UI (*EMUI) , Xiaomi's ( MIUI) HTC's Sense and of-course Meizu's official OS Flyme is that is ever evolving. I have been using Meizu's MX5 with latest upgrade 5.1.301N,  that's intuitive, powerful and reliable operating system based on Android . I personally liked the UI design, it's thought through for a better experience, as  I pen down my thoughts, one can expect the next flavor of MX6 for July 19th 2016.

Well, when one draws the phone, the first expectations is of the notifications, on the lock screen. Interestingly, new calls floating notice include, support to switch contacts, call records. While on the lock screen, when there are multiple notifications, one needs to pull-down the notification to view more, kind of liked the lazy load design. I am an ardent believer of getting the " fast information I manage to quickly reply to message that need immediate attention, that's my take on floating notification. & a crisp search", as Flyme5 sports a powerful "search functionality", rings bells of #ios ( updated & indexed ) 

The gesture wake-up feature is mind blowing, one can customize letter gestures for applications to be able to choose apps to be launched from the lock-screen with a ( one hand) swipe!

Experimenting (* to be read as) experiencing #Flyme5 for #meizumx5 . Kinda liked the UI design.. for a better experience #operatingsystem #osreview #meizu by @aravindbk
"A better navigational experience", can be realized sans the app drawer , I was initially, was taking time to getting used to and realized that the fingerprint sensor, additionally get's you to folders thus, keeping things organized and "avoid cluttered home screen"

With so much of security loop holes in Android, by the day, team has really worked on "Security app" has stronger anti-virus capability to protect your data and privacy, easily keep your phone in the best form and secured data , harassment, Permission management, files management & certainly a high 5 everyone behind the scenes of technical finesse .

Well, it's all about Engineering! "did you know!" "mBack", is the way of navigation! take a bow to the engineers at FlymeOS , Meizu, who thought about  " iconic symbol of the Meizu", based on finger press/gravity the light sensors changed ( * Home+Back Combo) , an all new convenience

Another feature that I kind of personally liked is the "Multitasking via split screen mode! " Just a long press to lock individual applications & notice system apps are all beautifully designed.  Meizu does get a lot of things right,  a few aspects that are not so appealing due to the fact that the intended market is China!

"Like I say for everything in life, Experiment and Explore, if you like it stick to it, if not move on or go back!" 
Courtesy ~ (* yours truly) 
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