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Asus ZenFone-Zoom: Dawn of a new era of mobile photography

ASUS Zenfone Zoom has been in the talks ever since it's announcement in CES2015. I have a great respect to the "Zen Mantra", which has been inspired by Rock Gardens to evolve a two year engineering for envisioned the World’s thinnest 3X optical-zoom smartphone with 13MP PixelMaster camera,10-element HOYA lens, laser auto-focus and 5mm edge taking the human mobile interaction to an all new level including smartphone photography.


Well, one size fits all, I am talking about the propritery "Periscopic design" results and premium finish vibrant colors and good brightness levels. with dedicated buttons for shooting, recording and telephoto operations. Its strong unibody frame is precision-crafted to a metallic finish that’s cool and smooth to the touch, with a choice of premium Pure Black The company package comes in tpremium Pure Black or sleek Ceramic White on the rearwith a whooping 128GB  Internal Storage and Processor!!! Well, the double tapping on the display to wake up the phone, which eliminates to use the button, I wished we had a fingerprint sensor to complete ....  


Photography, Social Networking, Gaming is all taken care of with a 3000mAH, that caters to premium customers across industry to be able to harness the dame device to compelling lifestyles, in one word , providing a world-class technology at competitive prices, we learnt through out the presentations emphasis on BoostMaster’s super-fast, 3.6x accelerated charging providing,  up to 3.6x faster charging, so that the battery is upto 60% charge in just 39 minutes.

ZenFone Zoom’s has dual two-directional antennas known as PIFAs that join forces to create wide-reach omnidirectional signaling, ensuring steady and reliable communications ( Courtesy - ASUS 

Enough said ..... "Brave new world of  PixelMaster technology " 10-element, periscopic-lens for incredible 3x optical-zoom photography from right where you stand — and with optical image stabilization (OIS) built in, that's like a personal assistant for "blur-free shots"But there’s so much more. ZenFone Zoom offers 12x total zoom, dual-LED Real Tone flash (Courtesy - ASUS

Some of the experiments with ZenFone-Zoom-ZX551M at the Taj Mahal, at dawn ( well, the Agra weather presented the dawn of Sunlight, with the prevailing foggy conditions) 

Taj Mahal : ISO 50 f/2.7 Auto White Balance around 10 A.M on a foggy Agra Morning 

Taj Mahal( inset)  : ISO 50 f/3.9 Auto White Balance around , photographed around noon 
It's all about the "Lights, Camera, Action!" Some of the sample images shot through different parts of the day , experimenting various settings!!!

Just impressed with the Panasonic SmartFSI sensor , performs adequately, with plentiful lighting. Just flabbergasted with the sharp detailing & luckily colors captured accurately (Zoom, HDR, Macro) . Did manage to get some fairly decent pictures experimenting the Low Light and Night modes that fared well, in dim light conditions as none of  the images ended up blurry.

HDR  ISO 150,  f/4.8 , Auto White Balance , around 8.30 AM , in my garden, Bangalore 
Macro: ISO 3200,  f/2.7 , Auto White Balance , around 8.30 AM , in my garden, Bangalore 

ISO 250 f/2.7  Auto White Balance around , photographed around 6.30 p.m ( home: indoors) 

Insect (Macro)  : ISO 50 f/2.7  White Balance around , photographed around 9.00A.M, Bangalore 

Low Light  : ISO 250 f/2.7  Auto White Balance around , photographed around 6.30 p.m ( home: indoors) 

Liked the slow-mo as it turned out decent,  physical stabilization

A lot of engineering has gone into the  ZenUI's usability, in terms of practicality! UX/UI seem to have quite a bit of preinstalled "bloatware"  & sometimes feels to give an impression that  they are performing similar tasks!


ASUS ZenFone Zoom has been available in India from 22 January, 2016, is huge on form factor & price, noteably, the most innovative phones that Asus ever come up with!!! on Flipkart and starting in February 2016 at ASUS Exclusive Stores for a premium  price of Rs. 37,999. 

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