Monday, June 1, 2015

Lukup Media : Get connected via a "Made in India" multi device streaming!

Don't we want a dashboard to consume content? Gone are the days where we are just dependent on our neighborhood Cable TV Operator! With a lot of accolades on joining .India has come a long way on adopting the global scene and redefining  the  Home Entertainment. Thanks to  "Lukup Media" | India’s first On Demand, Multi-screen TV service Poweredby the LukupPlayer.

With the advent if digital content getting tweaked by various startup's it's time to have an understanding of multi device streaming, unlimited storage and pay per view services, before zeroing in! Was more than eager to be on a blogger meet to understand and discuss where a user spends, on getting content ( digital) . We were walked through what Lukup offers for 3 type of connections: cable, broadband, VOD subscription. 

Set up couldn't have got any easier! It's no rocket science....the snapshot of connected devices showcasing the first mobile, multi-screen media player.

The Lukup Player is a touchscreen based portable product that works within the range of your home. 

The Lukup Player is accompanied by a dock that has input and output peripheral sand usually is connected to a TV. HDMI to TV Composite to TV Power Ethernet Composite cable to TV HDMI to TV It provides a large choice of content in addition to regular broadcast TV.

On not just one TV button more than one TV at a time with different content streams playing on each TV. 

Not just video, the Lukup Player streams audio to music systems. Users can use the Player to find, install and use interactive services –games, educational materials, and more. User scan search, select and view content at a time of their choice. Users can also create their own channels,and import content from online services. 

Storage for recording content starts from 500 GB and can be added when required. Users will now never run out of storage. Users can view stored content on a mobile phone, tablet or PC even when they are outside home.

Not just that, users can also download content on their mobile phone, tablet or PC for offline viewing when there is no network.

At home, the Lukup Player’s dock also provides Wifi for other devices to access internet and content. For users with an existing cable or DTH connection, the existing set top box can be connected to the Lukup Player’s dock. Output from the Lukup Player is high definition. It also supports 3D. The Lukup Player connects to a broadband source either through its Ethernet port or through existing Wifi. 

The Lukup Player allows users to install apps just like mobile phones do. Apps from Lukup and third parties may include a variety of home entertainment and utility applications. The LukupPlayer is designed to be portable. You can carry it from one room to another, select and stream content to advice of your choice instead of being forced to watch your content in a single room. In the future, the Lukup Player will transition from limited mobility to full mobility.Users will be able to carry it in their pocket and use it anywhere they want. The fully portable version can be plugged to many other output devices such as car audio, a PC or a headset.


Now Lukup can provide access of protected content to its customers. The content including movies, music and television shows can be accessed to any device even in congested networks

I'd like to take a moment to thank Neeva Tiwari of Lukup Media , for connecting the like minded community in Bangalore for a brainstorming session!

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