Monday, May 11, 2015

HRC's Rocking Breakfasts! Keep hunger at bay, for the whole day!!!

I am here to break the silence of  the morning of fellow Bangaloreans!!! Well, having seen some 30 + summers in Bangalore, I a m certianly going to vouch for a “South Indian cuisine!!! Well, you guessed wrong!!! It's certainly adding a twist to the regular...!!!! "But isn’t all Sount Indian breakfast the same old ....same old?” you might ponder.... Welcome to " The Brave New World of "Rocking Breakfast!" at HRC!!!


Let’s time to cut the time ......and dig into some of HRC's favorite breakfast dishes from the south!!! Always ask for Chef recommendations at the end of the day!!! Chef Niranjan was extremely friendly as always!!! any given day..... knows exactly the needs of the customers/bloggers palate   

THE HRC BREKKIE 3 free range eggs cooked in any style, with your choice of chicken/pork sausage and smoked bacon. Served with sliced toast, grilled tomato and your choice of hash brown or farm fresh breakfast potato.

JUSTIN'S LOADED FRENCH TOAST : It's all about getting pampered!!! engrossed in the slices of brioche bread smothered with zesty orange cream, laced with cinnamon and topped with a mixed berry compote and maple syrup. My fellow bloggers also managed to savor  brioche bread soaked in a savory cream, topped with a spiced bean and mushroom mix. Served with a side of chicken sausage or smoked bacon. 

FLAPJACK STACK Savory cheese pancakes stuffed with scallions, sausage & my fellow bloggers had a great opinion about the double fried free range egg, served with maple syrup. 

PRETTY-IN-PINK WAFFLE connoisseurs & good old Americano's I am reminded of !!! Classic American waffle drizzled with icing sugar and maple syrup, and topped with strawberry compote.

MASALA TOAST Crispy toasts layered with a tangy mix of baked beans and mushrooms, with melted Jack Cheese and cilantro. . 

OLA! MY DOSA Masala dosa, undoubtedly the breakfast of champions. Dosa topped with stewed spiced potato, cilantro,cheese, smoked jalapeno. 

HURRAH! CHOLA BHATURA A North Indian preparation of fluffy pooris with a tangy, spicy chickpeas curry. Served with cucumber and a mint dip.

We were pampered by "SMOOTHIE", just was to detox and start the lazy Sunday, in a healthy way!

BERRY BLAST SMOOTHIE A refreshing mix of strawberry and blueberry compote, grenadine syrup, pomegranate juice and yogurt. All in all, once would fall in love with the spread & drool!!!

Whether you are a foodie or not.... you’ll grow to love it, with the new bursts of flavor at HRC !!!
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