Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On a Highway to "Big Pitcher!" | Behind the Scenes

When the next got-together and serve a crowd delicious! Don't you agree Hrish , Nivedith, we need to have a favorite large-batch, it's all about being the "haves" & not the "have-nots", Big Pitcher did taste better as we enjoyed with good company, but rather than craft a bunch of different beverages & the best way everyone gets a glass faster. Hooray!

Well, "Bar is Open" , to be read as " microbrewery or craft brewery Open!!! produces enough...enough amount of beer. .... Bangalore's first microbrewery "Restaurants who make their own beer "

Compressed Watermelon, Crumbled Feta Greek Feta ... was a riot, when i posted the same on the BFC ( *Bangalore Foodies Club!" ) best salad I've had in years....

"dal bukhara" - rich, creamy slow cooked whole urad dal (black gram) with tomato puree, butter and cream. a dal recipe made famous by ITC maurya hotel in Delhi, also available at Big Pitcher

This is why we say "Never miss chance despite plethora of pitchers!" Who's Who & behind the Scenes!!! before " The Famous Guided Tour of Big Pitcher followed by Microbrewery !!!

"Pink Salmon seasoned with tandoori spices" aint's that a Simple Satay? and vermicelli crusted prawns

Paneer who doen't want to have ... Just waiting to be served with mint chutney, they were as good we recently had at Rubaiyat, the paneer was very soft and fresh, and tasted yum

OMG !!! I had bo clue when I saw "Cube made out of Fruit! and immediately knew I had to make it back home for our kiddo!!! Cutting the cubes of watermelon, kiwi, and feta!

The quality of the cheese was splendid! What I also reckon, the mushrooms were easy and flavorful

Superb, thanks for accommodating!!! Last Wednesday night scouted time for Big Pitcher Concept!!! What better way to welcome the Thanksgiving/New year :) sitting with pitchers with sumptuous food pairing! The location of the Big Pitcher is fantastic & Ambiance is just superb:) Well all, enjoyed the amazing burst of flavors !!! We would love to come back soon to Big Pitcher very soon to try out more varieties from menu in the main course segment! The new menus can’t be explored in just 1 or 2 dinners. You can go there for a week continuously and still not tire of new dishes to try out!
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