Sunday, November 30, 2014

#MasterChefHunan | My Search for Chinese Stops here!!!

Dynasty Prawns #MasterChefHunan  @HunanIndia

Dynasty Prawns, in XO chilly sauce, especially gill structure which is branching in prawns "Flavoured with garlic", a perfect entree
Beijing Clear Soup| nice mix of cubed veggies, tofu & spinach in a gingery broth #MasterChefHunan  @HunanIndia

Nice mix of cubed veggies, tofu & spinach in a gingery broth
Crackling spinach with baby corn ! Would certainly respect  @HunanIndia  #MasterChefHunan

Who ever discovered the "Saute!" Just melts in the mouth , pretty differently done & especailly one needs to take a guess on the Spinach portions
Barbeque ribs & pork! #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

chicken fried rice cooked in bamboo #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

Very distinct in taste! The Bloggers coulnt resist the signature presentation & as we ate we could get the tinge of oyster sauce, salt and pepper , best ever had in Bangalore
 Mu Shu Duck roll #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

Mu Shu Duck roll| "Mandarin", let me go a step back ....Mushu is a red dragon, and the main deuteragonist and comic relief from Disney's!!! I am reminded of burrito (I mess them up while I eat) and the "pancakes" version makes it thin & increases the happiness Quotient your mouth will experience
Snapper & shredded garlic  #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

Thai Curry  #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

The chicken curry and the Thai red curry (both served with Jasmine sticky rice) were the blogger table favourite Mains!

Reminded me of "Miang Kham! F a traditional snack from Thailand “eating many things in one bite”. It has a burts of flavors flavors

Lotus Stem garnished very Well! #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia
Jagdish Menda having a banter with a Blogger @MasterChefHunan 

Flaming Chocolate Lava Cake  #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

 Red Velvet Cake  #MasterChefHunan @HunanIndia

Red Velvet Cake: Delicious Entree, Mains & signature "Afters!" As expected there were many takers, but I approved & packed a punch.Look no further for the best ever

The Blogger took a bow & signed off for the wonderful feast along with the head Chef & CEO of Hunan who created a wonderful experience & it was a hand in glove experience!#MasterChefHunan
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