Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#Ocktoberfest Blogger Meet | 3 Monkeys Brewpub

A pleasure to have been on the #Ocktoberfest Brewery Tour 3MonkeysBrewPub  known for its Island Bar concept!!!

Two Craft Beer "Doppelback and the Chilli Bully" for #Oktoberfest :Sausages beer soup, Grilledwrust , a walk in the brewery hosted by Martin Bernard, Cocktail Designer and certainly enjoyed our experience courtesy Head Brewer Kartofflbreim.

burrp  @BurrpOfficial @nivedithg @dhempe @sunitabora @ag.vaibhav @3MonkeysBrewPubs #Oktoberfest Weisen Beer pairs well with....

It was certainly a friendly banter with Head Brewer Kartofflbreim, who walked us through the memory lane that the first Oktoberfest was held in 1810, in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Despite its age, 2013 is actually the 180th Oktoberfest. The event was cancelled during both World Wars.

Women typically wear a dress called a dirndl, German for "an apron and corseting front". Men wear lederhosen -- German for "leather pants" - with knee-high socks, suspenders and a traditional shirt, often checkered blue and white, the colours of Bavaria. During the fest, revellers consume upwards of 7 million litres of beer, all of it made by Munich's famous local breweries.

burrp  @BurrpOfficial @nivedithg @dhempe @sunitabora @PriyankaSerrao @3MonkeysBrewPubs #Oktoberfest listWeisen Beer from the US, Mexican Pale Lager, Irish Ale, Australian Pale Ale

Weiner Schnitzel (Beef) #Oktoberfest delicacies' BurrpOfficial @nivedithg @dhempe @PriyankaSerrao @3MonkeysBrewPubs #Oktoberfest

@burrp  @BurrpOfficial @nivedithg @dhempe @sunitabora @PriyankaSerrao @3MonkeysBrewPubs #Oktoberfest #bloggertable #androidphotography

Bring home the Oktoberfest and the excitement of trying out German: "Sausages beer soup, Grilledwrust Kartofflbreim" Rating 3.5/5 Address: Shop No. 4, F-4,Gopalan Signature Mall,No. 6,Old Madras Road, Bangalore Old Madras Road, bangalore
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