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Book Review - Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson "Private India"

"Memories are dangerous beings ", "Betrayal is the code of life". Was fortunate to have been on BlogAdda: Book Review Program, to grab a copy &be able to review this book. I was exposed to "Two" master-storytellers – Ashwin Sanghi: passionately called "Indian Dan Brown" and James Patterson- have come together to churned out bestsellers a combination of Pace and Indianized Story telling. So the idea is to have a mix or a confluence of US and Indian Influences, people of the West appreciating India and those in India experiencing the adrenaline rush! Patterson and Sanghi worked in tandem for about a year.

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Private India is the Indian version of one of the world’s finest Private Investigation agencies, headed by “Jack Morgan. Santosh Wagh” is its Indian head. Mr. Wagh is a brilliant private investigation with a murky past. His aides are Nisha Gandhe – an Ex-cop turned private investigation agent and the attractive lass that every private investigation team needs, Mubeen the medical expert and Hari the unusual techie, whose personage congeal to him in a melancholic glance, in a too much limited “expresividad”

Santosh is a little disturbed and never at peace or calm even with himself, seemed to be blaming himself for all the happenings and mishaps in his life, so long as he breathe! Soliloquy: blaming himself for loss of his wife & kid in the fatal accident, and drowning his despair in drink. When a lady is found strangled in a hotel room, the hotel management calls Santosh to the scene, and he starts investigating. The protagonist Santosh even has his version of the Baker Street irregulars, torn between the job and the drink! Wagh has a sharp mind and an impeccable power of logical reasoning. He is also an inexhaustible fund of trivia that helps him solve mysteries. 

The case of the serial killings is handed over to Wagh and accomplice by Mumbai Police force Rupesh, a cop who shares an uneasy, strained relationship with his former colleague Wagh. I have taken excerpts from what Patterson say “characters are important in a thriller” had. Especially carving out Santosh “who hoped to find what left years before, but soon begins to feel the changes in its family” 

Ashwin Sanghi has provided the right Indian background and one feels one is travelling through Mumbai’s posh area and slums, blending with the rich and poor, side by side. Pakistan’s terrorist attacks on India also find place in the plot! Well, pay attention to all the (Props) Symbols found with each: Pretty gripping as one would be glued! To read the book and find out wiring the plot, so that the reader needs to reboot!!! as he seemed to be misled into suspecting one and then another as the murderer!

Reviewed as a part of @blogadda @WIN14 #celebrateblogging 

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