Friday, July 11, 2014

Matsuri's succulent offerings: harbinger of togetherness with family & friends.

So, I've been in the best of times experimenting incredibly. It's been a back to back Japanese food blogger table and I can't help but take a short hiatus from blogging, can  I , Well, Nope!!! This time around, went with preparation! I can give some recommendation now!!!  Eat with grated daikon and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) Authentic Japanese food, Matsuri, in the Chancery hotel was a perfect choice #bloggertable Being a weekdend ( My week never ends ) .We loved private box experience "Matsuri", enjoying exquisite Japanese food and hospitality, great interiors with a combination of wood, bamboo and white, although we did arrive fashionably late, kind-of gave us a soothing effect!

Given the menu was so traditionally Japanese, we knew we wanted Sushi, but wanted to try out other dishes as well. We had a great recommendations & always believe in pairing food with the right drinks...!!! Kind of got hooked to Daiquiri (Mango) , a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus (typically lime juice), and sugar or other sweetener, after sampling Virgin Mojitho and Long Island Iced Tea.

What's interesting is  they serve a lovely hot cup of green tea once u are seated!!! We didn't opt for this! Asking the stewardess to help us out, she suggested we go for one of the sushi platters!! off the main Menu and we we experimental bloggers ordered Dashimagi Tamago: a sweetened rolled omelette that was a vsual treat wo the veggies!!! & we take a moment to appreciate Chef to have considered Vegan servings as well!!! 

I am sure Hrish Thota took a deep dive into the   Ebi No Tempura (batter-fried prawns), Ton Katsu (deep-fried crumbed steak) and Tebasaki No Karaage (deep-fried chicken wings). Bye the way, June 18 is International Sushi day and Matsuri I learnt celebrated it in a special way!  Other recommendation: Tekka-don (rice topped with raw tuna), Chashu-don (rice topped with roasted pork), Katsu-don (rice topped with fried pork cutlet), etc. (Comes with miso soup) Tempura soba noodles, Cold soba noodles, Udon noodles with pork, etc.

These are great options for those who aren’t fans of sushi but want to get a taste of Japanese food. It had 4 pieces of cucumber maki and 8 pieces of prawn maki. Chicken Udon (Japanese wheat noodles), Futo Maki (a thick rolled sushi with omelette, shiitake, mushroom and prawns) and the Smoked Salmon Sushi.

Kind of liked  the cucumber maki and than the prawn,  fresh and flavorful.My friend wanted more sushi,  and he ordered a plate of Tekka Maki - 4 rolled tuna sushi. So, for dessert, we chose the wasabi ice-cream, we didn't make it as it was quite a strong wasabi flavor coursing !!! I have now joined the bandwagon of Japanese food lovers!!!

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