Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker : First Impressions!

I was wov'd by my first take of  X100 Bluetooth Speaker! #IMHO bluetooth speakers are designed to be moved from room to room with ease!!! Travel models are even smaller and often include speakerphone functionality as well. 
Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes and with literally hundreds of options and with Logitech’s latest, X100 brings a unique design to the market!

Design| build| Color options

The lanyard lets you hang the X100 on a hook by the bed stand, sometimes, I did feel led down!!! I wish I had take it out to my Chat Joint! would have had an opportunity to be a crowd puller!!! Available in a range of peppy, eye-catching options, I happened to receive bright teal one !!! Little quirky, womanish ones luje turquoise, blue , orange, red , maroon, and yellow, any one for it?

There’s not much to speak of in terms of design, rubberized bottom grips surfaces!  it does manage to take a tumble, don’t worry as the body can take a few thuds without any problem. I didn't want to wreck it on my trek, may be I should have? 

(Left to Right: unboxing, power, blue tooth, pairing, citation) around the body from the LED light on top, we have the power button, the volume up, a Bluetooth button, volume down. Those are the only buttons on the X100, while a 3.5mm jack for aux connections and a microUSB port for charging round off all available points of interest around the body. I noticed that there is  no stereo only  monaural sound. 

I have not been a great fan of blue tooth, however, on regular voice calls more than adequate!!! I was humbled, by the aux output was on Windows PC, Android Phone!

Bluetooth performance, very well....was  a bit shaky, especially when the speakers are in a different place than the device playing the music. Don;t exceed 20-25 m, else the audio snaps!

Awesome Battery life

Logitech rates the X100 for five hours of battery life, but it lasted way beyond that while I was reviewing!!! 

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