Monday, December 31, 2012

Smirnoff Espresso: Every drink is an exceptional experience!

Smirnoff Espresso, new release seemed like a whole lot of fun. Coffee lover? Rohan Carvalho, World Flair Association (WFA) India Ambassador, was the Mixologist at Blue Ginger, Taj West End,Bangalore, on the 22nd Dec 2012,there's some more info! Yours truly, along with several other bloggers & connoisseurs of food & drink were on the invites list to experience the first ever coffee flavored vodka! Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Smirnoff & MindShift Interactive!

Janvi Mehta,
MindShift Interactive hosted the event making this a wonderful experience for all fellow bloggers. As we entered the venue, we were paused & asked What's our drink of choice? Coffee or Vodka? & so ladies and gentlemen did end up wearing either of the badges!!! This is a fantastic before or after dinner drink, happy hour cocktail, or, really, anytime you desire a great coffee flavored cocktail.

After a round of introductions by all attendees, Rohan asked us to sign up for a blindfolded tasting session because we don't know what's on the menu until we sit down at the forefront of challenging palates. It was an absolute! engagement session built upon three pillars: conversation, food & drink

The growing interest in mixology seems to have helped us become more experimental with our drink menus & even get wacky. Mixologist Rohan Carvalho pours a cocktail during the launch of Smirnoff Espresso! 22nd Dec 2012, at The Blue Bar, Taj West End, Bangalore.

Of course, all of us were waiting to brew up a storm. Becoming a cocktail-maker is not as hard as you may think. In fact, it's surprisingly simple. Fancy one? Why not give it a try & shake? First cocktail was Espresso Martini. Pour 60ml of Smirnoff™ Espresso, 10ml of Sugar Syrup, Double fresh Espresso Coffee shot.Fill shaker ¾ with ice. Pour in all ingredients & shake. Strain into colmartini glass or pour on the rocks in old fashioned glass. Mount Pour it into a martini glass and drop in 3 coffee beans. The bartender Rohan Carvalho told us the beans signify luck & happiness!

Second cocktail was Espresso Cola. Fill the glass with cubed ice, pour in 45ml of Smirnoff® Espresso and 120ml of cola as much as desired. the lid on the cobbler shaker or the tin part in case you have a Boston shaker. Hold the shaker together and shake until the tin part is misty. Strain the fluid into a glass. Add 2 wedges of orange and enjoy.

The third cocktail was Espresso Mint. 60ml of Smirnoff™ Espresso, 30ml of Black coffee, 2 teaspoons minted sugar powder, 15ml of Sugar syrup, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream. Fill mixing can or pitcher with cracked ice. Pour in all ingredients. Blend to slush. Pour into glass & garnish with a cookie.

Dhempe & yourself got a little wacky on the name of our drink : "Frothy fruit Orgy": We muddled apple, apricot,vanilla, 60ml fresh espresso, vodka, squeeze the flavor out & with sugar,work until the sugar syrup & caramel starts to dissolve in the juices.It tastes like espresso, but is smooth and a little creamy, not filling, but crisp. We used back of a bar-spoon to gently disperse all the ingredient on top,already in the glass & the judges did have a burst of vodka flavor.

Check out what elevated the drink culture: 6 entries that were sampled by the mixologists:)

Goodies for those who paid attention to mixologist:) who had a fun quiz!

On a closing note: Introducing 'Smirnoff Espresso'...Guide to Flavored & Infused Vodka Brand & who also helped the like minded in networking:) & thumps up hands on cocktail.

I think I might need a couple of these to get me through NYE. Cheers!!!

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