Sunday, January 15, 2017

CP Foods Tasting Session with Mary Kom

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), a leading agro -industrial and food conglomerate with a presence in over 40 countries announced the launch of a new range of chilled and frozen fresh products in India, Dec'16

The in-house chefs the company unveiled a range of branded products that will include CP Frozen Chicken, CP Chilled Chicken, CP Easy Snacks- Veg and Non Veg and CP Eggs. We were told that the list was huge & we could have the sampling sent across, later to share our reviews

The frozen chicken comes in various products like Chicken Breast Boneless, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken curry cut Boneless, Chicken whole Bird to name a few. All these products are available in different quantity. The Chicken are fresh, nutritious and of the highest quality, produced in CP Farms using CP’s Finest technology in every stage of production. They are packed carefully with all the key nutrients and freshness intact using Air Chilled Technology offering a long shelf life.

The CP Easy Snacks Chicken is a range of ready to eat products prepared by the experienced chefs. The ingredients used are hygienic, fresh and nutritious. The CP chickens used for preparation are soft, tender and rich in proteins. A few of the items of the Easy Snacks Chicken are Chicken Sausages, Spicy Chicken Sheekh Kabab, Crispy Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Cheezy herb Finger, and Chicken Cheezy Burst Burger Patty. All the aforementioned products are available in different weights. 

Chicken Sheekh Kebab

Chicken Cheezy Magic Nuggets

Italian Chicken Cheezy Sausage

Moving to the vegetarian sector, CP introduces Easy Vegetarian Snacks which is a range of delicious,healthy, and ready to eat products. The vegetables used in preparing these snacks are picked fresh from the farm. Crispy Cheezy Jalapeno Bites, Mini Magic Cutlets, Cheezy Corn Dino Nuggets, Tasty Veg Burger Patty are the few products from the vegetarian section available to the consumers in various quantities.

Cheezy corn Dino Nuggets

Crispy Cheesy Jalapeno Bites

Also introducing is the CP layer chickens having large frames that are highly resistant to diseases. These fecund layers produce good quality eggs. The produced eggs are packed fresh and free from contaminants. Both White and Brown eggs are present in the market indifferent quantities. 

We managed to sample Biryani too ..... with Executive Chef Krishnan of 3 dots & a dash!

About CP Foods 

Charoen Phokphand Foods Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries, CP Group, is a leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate headquartered in Thailand - presence in over 50 countries worldwide and a heritage of over 100 years. With the vision to be the “Kitchen of the World”, CP is committed to providing products and services that are nutritious, tasty, safe, traceable and of high quality. In India,the company undertakes fully integrated food processing with operations ranging from feed production,farming operations to food processing and distribution under the “Farm-to- Fork” concept. 

CP is committed to providing products and services that are nutritious, tasty, safe, traceable and of high quality. The company believes that through innovation and efficiency, the company can enhance quality and food safety and create healthy and self-reliance society regardless of the limited natural resources. In this way, the Company can reduce adverse environmental impact as well as reinforce social and economic sustainability.

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