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#GrandMercureMysuru :The promise of Royal Experience

How could one refuse a road trip from Bangalore to Mysore courtesy Grand Mercure Mysore/Accor hotels and those lovely highway eats, how can I forget Rasta Cafe, Kamat Lokruchi, Maddur Tiffany’s, Cafe Coffee Days... 

 "Bringing stories to life....!" A vibrant decor gives one a taste of the celebrated Royalty!!! you can count the smiling faces ofcourse, all through the end...

Well, the 48 hour stop over{Staycation} was the best of November 2016. We were a bunch of bloggers who were invited over a blogger table & Sunday brunch. As a business traveler, I have stayed in many Accor properties around the world , I wish we had executive lounge, platinum benefit! you know what I mean.... I was sure, we would have a very comfortable stay and would always recommend Grand Mercure Mysuru, to ones who are visiting Mysore, even for a day !!!

"The very promise of Royal Experience.." in a traditional Royal Mysore welcome 🤘warmth of the hotel staff #GrandMercureMysuru by @aravindbk

 As told by Sachin Malhotra, General Manager:

GM, Sachin Malhotra, at Grand Mercure Mysuru: took us around the property, latest addition..... & gave us a sense of 'local connection of Mysuru and Karnataka’s culture' & explains the brand was conceived when the brand was entering china & so much of essence in the hotel {Novotel: Pullman : Convention Brand } 

Accor brand revolves around local connect, local flavors, 4 Pillars: Sense of Welcome, sense of food & beverage, sense of wellness, sense of local art, culture & discovery.  Entire service concept,, is envisioned, the guest is able to experience the difference.... Gandaberunda : "two headed eagle",royal emblem of Princely state of Mysuru.

The {Silk} Saree patterns of reception gives one a flair of Mysuru, at the reception . The design elements of "Pillars of Mysore palace". The Lobby presents " Mysuru on canvas", Amba Vilas! Guests are introduced with jasmine of Channapatna garden, Mysore mallige garden {jasmine}, sandalwood garland, in a nut shell {An introduction of Mysuru}, culture of Mysuru, corporate, leisure, .....the hotel is equipped.

Travel Desk: 

GM is so meticulous, who was speaking about the offerings at Grand Mercure Mysuru: The Breads, Flavored chocolate, croissant & their  La Accor loyalty program. What's depicted at the "Travel Desk" : History of Mysore: Mahishasura, the Buddhist settlements & the  Somanthpura Temple: A star shaped, devoted to krishna avtar of vishnu,3 dieties, govinda, janardhana,keshava, No prayers, as dieties damaged.... Maslow hierarchy  of needs {elephant, horses : strength agility royalty, 3.mythology mahabharata, krishna, 4. imagination: body of a pig, mouth of crocodile, tail of a peacock, 5th Swan : represents Tranquility }

 La Uppu:

La (The) + Uppu (Salt) European Hospitality & Karnataka Culture : Special Status of Salt in Indian food, 1st dish served in south Indian food. 24 hour coffee shop, 24X7 multi-cuisine {6 International cuisines} American, Mexican, Oriental, Pan-Asian, South Indian, North Indian....& Sunday Brunch  is an extended offering! Welcomed by Namaskara! Indoor & Outdoor, kids play area, helps reconnect with kids, board games at reception, bed time story books

 By The Blue

The rooftop specialty restaurant which overlooks the pool & the blogger table had a perfect setting! We had been looking forward to unwind & what better way than the being welcomed like a king!

The night is just amazing #byinvitation #ByTheBlue, the rooftop specialty restaurant overlooking the pool #GrandMercureMysuru #bloggermeet by @aravindbk

The bloggers were taken through the nuances of spirits/cocktails pairing with sumptuous food. It was well thought through by Executive Chef Mukul Jha, who broke the silence of the evening with his warm welcome! Well, By The Blue serves some awesome delicacies of NorthWest Frontrier.

For most of us, the idea of pairing beer, wine, whiskey with food is considered when planning for any party or special occasion, in my humble opinion, we must do this often!! Pairing a high strength spirit with spicy food was surely a recipe for disaster? No way!!! It's by for the best, was the key take away from the blogger table. 

The very sight of "Dal Bukhara', prompted me to have an interaction with the Chef, as it's only those extraordinary chefs,who have had a stint at the ITC Properties have put Dal Bukhara as an out of the world experience-  the longest cooked lentil in the world! It's a combination of whole black lentils, ginger, tomatoes, cooked over slow coal.


Surkh Taal Shorba 
Fresh tomato broth flavored with smoked caraway seed, garnished with fresh coriander leaves served with mini Naan 


Sarsowali Broccoli
Fresh broccoli florets marinated with yoghurt, yellow chili paste Mustard oil and cooked in clay oven. 

Kalonji Wala Mahi Tikka 
Fish cubesmarinated with green chilies, mint, and coriander Smoked mustard oil and cooked in clay oven

 Nitrotini Gin
Triple sec, lime juice and Coconut water 

Galouti Kebab
 A melt in the mouth specialty of double mince mutton cooked With Indian spices, served a top warqi parathas and lehsuni dahi 

Dark Fanatic 
Beer, Dark Rum, Lime juice, and cola 

Mugewala Kukkad 
marinated the chicken morsels spiked with Indian spices, coated with egg yolk and cream cooked to done in clay oven 


Paneer —e-Lukhme Rattan 
A unique combination of spinach fresh fenugreek and cottage Cheese flavored with Indian spices

Kundan Kaliya 
Diced mutton steeped overnight in whole spices, ginger garlic paste, pot, roasted and perfumed with cardamom 

Aqua Sangria 
Traditional spanish mixology of cut fruits & orange twist, served with red wine 

Kashmiri Narangi Macchi Curry 
Fresh Orange juice scented Kashmiri style fish curry 

Line of Control 
An intoxicating mix of white rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec topped with cola 

Pardha Nasheen Dum Gosht Biryani 
Slow Cooked Lamb Pilaf Preparation scented with whole spices 

Dal Bukhara
Slow cooked black Lentil preparation infused with fresh aloo bukhara finished with butter and cream 

Assorted Bread Basket 


Kesari Phirnee aur Pan Ki Kulfi with Magahi pan shots

My kind of Room ..

Grand Mercure Mysuru has 146 spacious contemporary rooms and suites and is located convenient to all major tourist attractions  . All I would look forward to is a basic amenity such as coffee and tea maker. My experience was elevated as the little details such as a "towel art" , a lovely "welcome note", even my midnight cravings was taken care of . How could I forget the goodies bag?

The Next Day was a lazy Sunday, well, I believe in where ever you are you run! I did head out for a 7 kms run , imagine the food wolfed & drinks guzzled. We started out with a Breakfast , at La Uppu.  I was not that keen & settled in for a Mysore Masala Dosa!

We were back in by 12:30 p.m or so, to a lavish spread.  Coming to the Sunday Brunch - Live Counter serving Pasta, South Indian Delicacies and some continental stuff, some of the offerings!

What's on my plate?

Buffet counter is filled with various Indian, oriental and Continental stuffs. We enjoyed the Butter Milk, Sweet Laasi, Again some more Salads, Noodles, Indian Curry, Roti, Rice and Rasam . 

Execuive Chef's picks: 

Nuggekai Saaru, Bindi Dopyaz, Paneer Tikka Masala, Naadan Kodi curry , Cabbage Red Steamed Fish, Mutton Rogan Josh,Beetroot Poriyal,Cajun Peas Pulao 
Cabbage Red Steamed Fish

Beetroot Poriyal

"White wine :Grover sauvignon blanc a perfect food pairing ". It's just wov Sunday Brunch @₹1299++ . . . #eattheworld #bonappetit #grandmercuremysore #gourmettraveller #sundaybrunch #saladbar #foodanddrink #TrySomethingNew #foodtalkindia @mukuljha15 by @aravindbk

Thank you #GrandMercureMysuru @accorhotels_apac #AccorHotelsAPAC Special thanks to Yogesh and Khusbhu for taking good care! We'd love to come back again! . . . #bonappetit #gourmettraveller #TrySomethingNew #FoodTalkIndia #Sundaybrunch #latergram by @aravindbk 

This Blog was prepared for Grand Mercure Mysuru / Madison PR Blogging experience!!! It was one of the best hospitality courtesy Rohan Srinivasan, Sachin Malhotra, Khusboo Nair, Chef Mukul Jha & of course , Derek, Anuradha.

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