Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sheraton Culinary Academy session with Italian Master Chef Giuseppe

Well, our week never ends! We happened to be invited to Sheraton Culinary Academy, a master class with Chef Giuseppe, Head Chef at Bene, weekend, well spent !!! indulging & inculcating    through a cooking session of a few dishes from the Italian Food Festival that was held at the hotel.

Masterchef. Giuseppe Lioce, head chef at Bene, Sheraton Grand Bangalore, we were told comes with around 15 years of culinary experience . As he broke the silence , he shared that he's mastered  Italian cuisine, by adding an element of twist to the traditional, has a lot to mention about Southern Italy, his roots!!! "Home sweet home!" An epitome of energy, was all set to share his experiences of a few dishes off the  “Questo e Litlia!” – The Italian Food Festival , that was on at the April 2016 Bene- Calendar . Chef was of the opinion that, with globalization,  there has been so much of an evolution of "Italian food" and has adapted around the world! We were all set to get our focus on core "Southern Italian ingredients". 

We were asked to put our Aprons & a thinking Caps, the first recepie of the evening Panzerotti Pugliesi: An Apulia aditional calzone . In a nut shell semi-circular pockets of bread that are usually filled with  tomato with mozzarella chees, served hot with balsamic vinegar  & cavair . Way panzerotti  is prepared is to pour yeast in the warm water & sugar, dissolve it with our hands. Add water to the mixture and "knead vigorously" for about 10 minutes. One would need to really work out to put the flour as a crown & allow it to rest for about two hours.  Now take the dough to make small balls and pack it with tomato with mozzarella and seal them & one after deep frying serve hot to satiate your taste buds!

While we were trying to socialize, the next dish was already gearing up: "Cavatelli al pesto",
are a format of wheat pasta typical of the regions of Puglia, but spread across the South of Italy. have an elongated shape and hollowed inward, with a light linger pressure be exerted on a small piece of dough  & once done, the elongated Pasta  is served with peso sauce & extra virgin olive oil & fresh ricotta

The 3rd on the list was a dessert, (let me call it a Biscotti di mandorle (Italian almond biscuit) , we savored some, from the jar! We started making a small balls with the following ingredients at the command of Chef, custard sugar 4 white eggs vanilla essence 2 spoon Coffee beans or almond to garnish & placed an almond in the middle. Chef had the biscuits ready & just made us aware of having put the ones we made out as  biscuits in a buttered bakery tray and bake at golden brown and very soft inside...

We indulged in some fantastic cocktails & canapes by the poolside . I would like to thank Saadhvi Mehra , Sheraton Grand Bangalore,  for having us over Blogger meet event & Stay tuned to Social Media Space, where I share my thoughts & comments on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where I always take a moment or two to dabble my thoughts, that are always alive :)
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