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Cocktail Masterclass by India Bartender of the Year '15 #worldclass2015

Well, it's all about the style of mixing & making a name  in cocktail literature!!! I loved being invited for an exclusive cocktail masterclass hosted by Nicholas Ord, Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador India and Alphonso Del PortilloWinner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2015. "The Man of the Moment" had a great sense of humor !!! So, as the food enthusiasts & gathered to ramble their thoughts about life in general, the  interactive sessions , curated in a destination, around MG Road corner, in  luxury and style.

The first definition of Cocktail

To give some background, Diageo Reserve World Class brought together twenty mixologists from India’s leading hotels and bars to compete for the title at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai. (7th Edition) . What we hear is that Alfonso Del Portillo, with his speed, meticulous execution ( like the Edward's Scissor hands!!! )  and balanced cocktails edged his competitors and swayed the judges at the India final and was conferred the title of the India Bartender of the Year at Diageo Reserve World Class 2015. He is all set to  represent India and compete with the world’s best bartenders at Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, in September, 2015.

Our banters were tapered to get engrossed in  Alfonso’s signature cocktails who also shared his experience at the Diageo Reserve World Class competition. Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador India, Nicholas Ord co hosted the session along with Alfonso, who did a time travel 

THE GOLDEN FLIP- by Nicholas Ord - Reserve Brand Ambassador

A delectably creamy and sweet creation, the Golden Flip is a rich mixture of Greek wildflower honey, tahini infused Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, dash of apricot brandy and a spritz of orange zest. This mouth-watering combination of enticing flavors makes for an unforgettably rich and delicious cocktail that could be mischievously described as an ice cream for grown-ups. The Golden Flip was created by Theodoros Pirillos who represented Greece at the Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year final, 2013 and is part of the WORLD CLASS 50, the definitive guide to the finest drinking experiences. 

Number of servings: 1 


• 50 ml. tahini infused JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve 
• 15 ml. Lillet Blanc • 15 ml. homemade honey syrup 
• 2 dashes Bergamot bitters 
• 2 dashes Apricot brandy
• 1 whole egg 
• 1 orange to garnish 
• 1 vanilla pod 

How to mix:

• To make the homemade honey syrup, combine 600ml honey, 400ml of warm water, 1 vanilla pod and 3 thin orange peels and cool the concoction. 
•The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is infused with tahini, a form of sesame paste, for two days (1 dessert spoon per 250ml) before straining through a coffee filter. 
•Add 50ml tahini infused JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve, 15ml Lillet Blanc, 15ml homemade honey syrup, 2 dashes Bergamot bitters, 2 dashes apricot brandy and 1 whole egg into a shaker. 
• Place a whisk in the shaker and dry shake all ingredients, remove whisk, add ice and shake again. 
• Double strain and serve straight up in a goblet glass. 
• Spritz orange peel on the drink and add a little orange peel zest to garnish.

Signature Cocktail Recipes by Alfonso Del Portillo 
Winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2015 – India Bartender of the Year

Cocktail 1: BOTANICAL HERITAGE (The Winning Cocktail Recipe)

The cocktail is called "Botanical Heritage", it is inspired by Alfonso’s Mediterranean heritage


75 ml Cîroc Vodka
15 ml Tomato and Basil Shrub
10 ml Licorice Syrup
10 ml Chardonnay Syrup
2 chunks Granny Smith apple

Muddle the apple in the metal part of the shaker 
Add all the ingredients into the shaker and shake them well
Then double strain them and present it in a Chai Kullad



75 ml Tanqueray No. Ten
10 ml Talisker 
1 gram of orange and grapefruit powder

Take a wooden board in which you need to add Talisker No. Ten
Flame it and add the orange and grapefruit powder
Pour the drink in a coupette glass and its ready to serve


60 ml. Zacapa
4 drops orange blossom water
3 drops grapefruit bitters
10 ml lemon juice
10 ml sugar syrup

Add all the ingredients into the shaker and shake them well
Then strain the concoction and present it in an old fashioned glass
Garnish it with dried apricot

Thanks for extending the invite & having us as to share our experience !!! Well, I wanted to share my experience on Zomato , nevertheless, wanted to pen down my thoughts & ramblings!!! On boarded to experience" Cocktail Masterclass” in town & ward off mid-week crisis & a to have a  relaxed fun evening with ( Drinks on MG ) hospitality and lots more.... best things in life are simple.

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