Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#Zenfone6, Beauty & Design it's best!

The Announcement of "Beauty & the Beast!" showcasing twenty five years of engineering experience of Mother boards & graphic cards "Designed for everyone" (* RedDotyDesign Award-2014) Bigger the better form factor? I'm sure Asus would have put enough thought into making the Zenfone 6 "Aesthetics at it's very best!", the forst thing I noticed while powering on the unit, the power button sits below the volume rocker, within reach of your thumb. Well, I am reminded of Archimedes's "eureka moment" , but it’s reassuring. 

Gorilla Glass 3., seems to be blaring & ogling at you!!! the build quality of the Zenfone 6 is commendable, This is the kind of toughened glass used in a great many high-end phones, and means you don’t really need a screen protector unless you really want to sell it on in perfect condition in a year or so. It's "Intel Inside", Intel Atom Multi-Core Z2580 Processor 2.0 GHz, Hyper-Threading Technology. Very agile & responsive & can do IOT ( Internet fo things), without the guzzling battery ASUS ZenFone 6 utilizes Intel Atom 2580 processors for best performance and power efficiency. Apps open quickly, games run smoothly and you can effortlessly browse JavaScript-heavy webpages - all without compromising on battery life. 

The Engineers have thought through & stepped into the shoes of the customer for the "Vibrant display", 178 degree wide viewing angle, complemented with Asus "TruVivid technology, cover glass touch panel , advanced anti-finger print coating ( as the phone gets passed on to several hands), Ultra Smooth touch experience, especially, my better half works while wearing gloves. I am a reader of eBooks ( Reading mode suits me very well...), while the vivid mode, is the best when viewing my edited photo shoots! Performance meets the rich customer experience.

Resolution is just 720p, and for a phone of the Zenfone 6’s stature, that’s not appealing enough, and doesn't sound like a great deal. ZenFone 6 is equipped with a high resolution 1280 x 800 6-inch HD IPS+ display, delivering a maximum brightness of 400 nits for best readability even when outdoors. ASUS TruVivid technology with improved clarity, lighter and beautiful vivid color. 

ZenUI, wish it was latest Android 

Camera, is my new obsession!!!  Most of the times I try not to carry my gear/shoot pictures as I am an avaid travel/food/tech/lifestyle blogger that I am literally married to my Camera Gear & Social Channels, edits are on the go :) I have experienced superb image quality : "PixelMaster" , proprietery ASUS-developed technology, that produce professional quality output!

Check out the color reproduction & low light performance demonstrating the "PixelMaster Technology", enhanced color contrast, to take crisp & shake free photos. I was also exploring the "time rewind mode", 2seconds before & 1 second after pressing the shutter button to capture that "perfect moment" & powerful story telling experience

"Empowering Luxury for Everyone!" at just Rs.15,999 on flipkart  almost runs for 24 hours with heavy usage.
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