Monday, June 2, 2014

Groove with White Mischief Gals #IPL7

Quick moves and above all smiles that could floor anyone,excerpts of today's Meet n Greet with White mischief girls surely were "mischievous to the core". I was a celebrity a couple of weeks ago, got to meet Fantastic Four of RCB, getting a chance to meet players! Today was a part of a green match, & Chinnaswamy stadium was a sight to see!!! 

The first impressions with IPL Cheerleaders, from South Africa, are smart, have huge hearts, warm personalities, who adore India!!! They are game to dance their hearts out cheering for  IPL#7 victory! We managed to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the cheerleaders couch! & do the mischief groove with White Mischief Girls!!! 

We had a friendly banter while they were gearing up for May 24th RCB v/s CSK, I inquired about how long was their experience & whether it was the first time in India and  how long it actually takes them to glam up for a game? Chorus!!! they were reminded of pressing the panic button!!! when they run late and there is only 30 minutes then they power through in record time and do what they can!!! else,  they have a whale of time to do up their hair &  can take up to two hours to curl and style their hair and perfect their makeup.  

The stunning White Mischief Gals #WhiteMischiefGroove, with a dash of color and excitement, to the entire aura of India’s favorite sport #IPL7

The White Mischief Gals comprises specially chosen cheerleaders who have been flown to India from South Africa. The cheerleaders promise to leave cricket fans spellbound with their on- and off-field antics. Besides being present at the matches themselves, the Gals will be touring the country to host unforgettable White Mischief Parties in select cities. The parties will celebrate a rare brand of no-holds-barred mischief and merrymaking!!!

"The White Mischief Gals have been trained in unique acrobatic skills and rather mischievous choreographed moves that set them apart from other cheerleading squads. We are certain that the “Mischief on the Couch” contest will be a major draw. Cricket fans certainly have a great deal to look forward every season.’ White Mischief embodies the idea of “flirtatious mischief” – and the White Mischief Gals will introduce elements of glamour, a thrilling oomph, a playful flirtatiousness and an emphasis on youth and entertainment that will enhance the allure of the tournament as a whole.’ (Courtesy Ashok Capoor, Deputy President, United Spirits Limited) 

Bloggers got a a sneak preview of the sizzling and ‘naughty’ moves that make "White Mischief Special"

Nivedith, Hrish, Prateek, Vaibhav, & got ourselves actively involved with the White Mischief Gals from the very outset. 

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps  White Mischief Groove with White Mischief Gals Blogging experience!!!  
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