Friday, May 16, 2014

The big boom of popularity started with most refined scotch whiskies

What happens when you meet a lost friend incredibly amazing talents with a whole lot ! Me spending all of the extra time, I've got on hand frequently!!! and nothing matches the Triple Gold Reserve Store  I just can't get enough. From super comfy mood I am doing time travel, I am the Eiffel Tower when all the lights are sparkling on a crisp Paris night, and here to proclaim something most of us know well, that "Love Kills Slowly". 

Whiskey is any type of liquor made from a fermented grain mash, and three things determine what variety of whiskey it is: 

  • where it’s made?
  • the proportions of grains used in the mash?
  • how it’s aged?

I always find the aging processes of individual spirits interesting and in this instance it tells a lot about the characteristics of whiskies.Black Bog Triple Gold Reserve  is the best. They have rocked me out and hooked me up like a celebrity since I first aquired the taste!!! I must hang out with  Richard Paterson (@the_nose) whisky Master Distiller himself!!! 

This is only after a testing session of Triple Gold Reserve, a great way to indulge!!! The Unwinding is not for everyone, as it's a little over the top, but I've been invited for the sampling and tasting sessions it for years, before the big boom of popularity started. It's well made, I've had my own experiences, Triple Gold Reserve  is going to be my favorite!!! forever, and will always love this fact!

I can only imagine and hope to get a taste of the older expressions because remarkable "young" scotch has to be astounding with 15 odd years added to it.

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Blogging experience!!! 
Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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