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Pairing Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch with Food

Whiskey is an amazingly complex beverage, and as such, it lends itself to pairing with a variety of foods. From sushi to stews, cheeses to pickles, the range of food items that can be successfully matched with whiskey can be daunting at times. Luckily, happened to be at one of the whiskey pairings, just went like a breeze, in my humble opinion!!! For most of us, the idea of pairing wine with food is considered when planning for any party or special occasion anfeel we must do this often!!!!  There are thousands of resources that can aid  our choices and help us pick that perfect wine for our meal. Scotch and food, however, is something that we might not consider in the same light. In most people’s eyes, scotch is something that you enjoy after a meal or at a bar with friends. Although this is great, the options for pairing scotch with food are endless and can be just as enjoyable as that perfect wine and food pairing. When you think about it, the idea isn’t as foreign as it first seems. Scotch, especially 

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve scotch offers a whole range of flavors and aromas that pair perfectly with certain foods. From the sweet and light, through to the strong and powerful, scotch can be paired with any part of your meal, from appetizer to dessert. 

Before I go on to talk about some possible food and scotch pairings, I believe we should go over a flavour component that may be unfamiliar to some of you, and that is ‘peat’. Peat is a type of vegetal matter that grows in bogs in Scotland and, in some cases, is used as fuel to dry the barley used to make scotch. If used in large amounts, it can impart a smoky, earthy flavour to the finished scotch that pairs perfectly with certain foods. Now with a few basics covered, here are a few pairings that may interest you and your guests at your next dinner party:

Tapas and Scotch: With sherry being a classic pairing for tapas, it is no surprise that scotch aged in sherry casks, is a perfect marriage for this range of Spanish appetizers. Coming in all shapes and styles, it would be hard to find a match for every tapas recipe out there, yet there are some classic pairings that work perfectly. For example, the smoky, strong flavours of chorizo sausage, pair perfectly with fragrant smoky single malt. For 

A softer pairing, try the more subtle flavours of prosciutto or Serrano ham with a gentler, sweeter style single malt or blended scotch

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