Saturday, May 24, 2014

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An Approach to Whisky Appreciation 

During the interaction between ourselves and whisky, the impression we form involves a synthesis of information from at least four different senses: Smell, taste, touch (or mouth-feel) and sight. However, by dividing the activity of whisky tasting and focusing on its component parts, it is easy to forget that sensations from these parts must at some stage become unified then 're-presented', and it is the brain which provides us with the final, unified tasting experience. 

Therefore, perception, persuasion, education and past experience also contribute to our overall impression of whisky. This doesn't mean that tasting is a completely subjective enterprise. On the contrary, one of the joys of whisky is our sharing of experience through a common culture of appreciation that enables a degree of calibration of perceptual representations to occur. In particular, we develop a language for sensory terms. With a little practice one can soon learn to break flavours down and identify constituent parts. Some of the most common and easily identifiable whisky aromas and flavours are outlined below, along side a more comprehensive list in the form of a Whisky Flavour Wheel, as developed by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute ( Courtesy: scotch-whisky-primer

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Blogging experience!!! 
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