Monday, May 26, 2014

In the Best of Spirits!

Water is probably the second most contentious issue surrounding whisky production. Extensive research has been carried out into the impact on the water source on whisky flavour. At Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, the waters used are sourced from Tarlowie Loch - they're 'hard' and have a very high mineral salt content and a very chalky mouthfeel. Water sources are jealously guarded in the industry - "Anyone who goes near Tarlowie Loch gets shot" says Lumsden jokingly, (but you can't help half believing him). Prior to the expansion of the distilling room, a study was conducted into the impact on the water levels of the Tarlowie Loch,
 Thankfully, the expanded production is sustainable.

Stills at Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve are some of the tallest in Scotland. The rationale is that only the finest, lightest spirits make it to the top - which prompted another question regarding the quality of base spirit: What are the sensory attributes one looks for in a colourless, freshly distilled spirit? Lumsden was concise, saying chiefly it's 'balance' and 'fruitiness'. Once he's got that, he's sure he can make a decent whisky. The style of the base spirit becomes less significant as barrel maturation progresses.

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