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I need snack to have on hand that pair well with Scotch

Well, as connoisseur of food & drink, i bounced into a  friend, who gave me an introduction to Scotch with a tasting. Being the foodie that I am I am charged with coming up with menu of what to eat. I have been invited to various tasting sessions!!! I have searched and have a few ideas but want some further help. I have the name of the scotch that we will be having, " Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve!".Any suggestions of what to pair with them would be greatly appreciated. There are only about 10 of us so its a smaller group

Some time to learn your own palate and which whiskies you like and dislike.  Concentrate on their flavors, then try a single ingredient to understand how food develops the flavor notes of whisky and vice versa

Sometimes the most successful pairings are the ones that contrast flavor and texture.  Look across the flavor wheel and play with a range of foods on the opposite side to add excitement to your pairings.  Try a sweet malt with a spicy Indian dish. Read recipes from the most creative chefs of today and try your own interpretations.  

Have fun, break the rules, but indulge in each new sensation.  With a little willingness to experiment you may discover a most divine and unusual result.  "Peppery scotch with oysters anyone?" 

To begin your pairing journey you need to know a little bit about Scotch.  It is not a homogeneous taste category. There are wildly different flavor signatures across regions and distilleries.  Barley is the only constant, but when malted, fermented and matured in oak casks, it takes on many personalities from sweet and fruity to medicinal and smokey.  Profiles vary from house to house and cask to cask.  
To complicate things further, there are many distinct notes in each dram beginning with the nose, then progressing to the palate and finally the finish.  A complex whisky may have double digit aroma and flavor characteristics.  Here lies the challenge as well as the reward. Courtesy

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Blogging experience!!!  
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