Monday, May 19, 2014

Black Dog Reserve TGR & perfect accompaniment for dinner: Passion for Whisky

I’m checking my facebook timeline, putting my kid to sleep & dozing off  before my computer. It’s after dinner sipping Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve! Current mood: Outstanding &  delicious. How I came to be sipping it, is also how I came to be sitting before my computer all day long tweeting, face booking, whatsapping!!!  & coding as well. It was during lunch last Office Party, in the hours before WhiskyFest!!! 

Richard is the famous Master Blender for scotch whisky and it’s no coincidence . The used barrels none other than the Sherry casks! along with those in Scotland, refilled with new make whiskey and let to rest again.

The dinner , to which I had been invited at the last minute, was a rather intimate affair. There were four of us who are connoisseur of "Black Dog Reserve TGR!" after a little bit of a wait, settled down to a lovely table upstairs over looking the Uno Bar, un boxing bottles of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and getting us set up with glasses.

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Blogging experience!!!

 Disclaimer: The content featured above is only for people aged above 25 years.

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