Monday, May 5, 2014

12 Y.O blended scotch (TGR) & Easy Evenings

Scotch Whisky gets its color from being in contact with the cask during aging. The darker the Scotch, the older it is!!! The term 'whisky' comes from the Gaelic 'uisge beatha', or 'usquebaugh', meaning 'water of life'. Gaelic is that branch of Celtic traditionally spoken in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Walter Millard, a Scot in British India, travelled to Scotland in 1883 in search of an impeccable whisky. His search ended in a blend created by James Mackinlay, of the second generation of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family.

Being a keen angler himself, Walter Millard named the whisky Black Dog in honour of his favourite salmon fishing fly used in the Spey and Tay rivers of Scotland since the early 19th century. Thus was born Black Dog Whisky.

Today, more than a hundred years later, Black Dog Whisky remains faithful to the original blend.

Night Fever’( Night Fever’s first trip to the country) a tribute to and the largest production of the Bee Gees in the world enthralled Pune on Saturday at Black Dog Easy Evenings organized at Corinthians Club Pune 

What better way to pair Music & (Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies )12 Y.O blended scotch- Triple Gold Reserve with "Night Fever!!!"  The theme was ‘Unwind and relax with Bee Gees’ greatest hits performed by Night Fever’, a unique tribute to one of the top acts in music history – the Bee Gees. 

“Night Fever” includes songs from “To Love Somebody,” “Massachusetts,” I Got to Get A Message,” “I Started A Joke,” “Jive Talking,” “More Than A Woman,” “Nite Fever,” “You Should Be Dancing,” “Tragedy,” “Stayin’ Alive.,” and many more they enthralled Pune with some memorable hits !!!

Additionally I am going to try the Guardian Recommendations!

Thin Lizzy – Whisky in the Jar
Steve Earle – Copperhead Road 
Willie Nelson – Midnight Run
Amy Millan – He Brings Out the Whisky in Me
JP Soars – Chasing Whiskey with Whiskey 
Wynonie Harris – Quiet Whiskey 
Slobberbone – Little Drunk Fists 
Mark Lanegan – Borracho
Astor Piazolla – Whisky Tango
Richard and Linda Thomson – I'll Regret It in the Morning 
Townes van Zandt – The Ballad of Ira Hayes 
Jon Randall – Whiskey Lullaby 
Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience!!!  Black Dog Scotch 

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