Friday, February 14, 2014

"Asian Twist" (Twist of Taste) ~ Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna

JSM Corporation is entering the New Year with a range of new flavours at Hard Rock Cafe and Shiro! The leading name in India’s hospitality  industry is all set to provide a twist to their existent and much loved menus as they associate with the leading travel channel Fox Traveller  for their upcoming show “Twist of Taste” hosted by the highly acclaimed Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna. Patrons can avail a menu specially
created by Chef Vikas Khanna at Shiro all week.

A favourite amidst food connoisseurs, Shiro presents the finest Oriental cuisine and fabulous cocktails, accompanied with Zen-inspired interiors, making a dining experience far more memorable. The 3-course menu will see the popular Panko Crusted Prawn Rawa Fry in true coastal style or the Xacuti Masala Grilled Rice Paper Roll Chicken that is a fusion of local Indian and strong Asian flavours. One can also enjoy the Crispy Tofu with Tamarind Chutney, Coconut and Lemon Grass Soup with Rasam Powder, Steam Fish in Lotus Leaf with Malabar Curry Spices amongst many other dishes that are created by Chef Vikas’ coastal influences blended with Asian delicacies.

Xacuti Masala Recipe : Grilled Rice Paper Roll Chicken, perfectly Goan, with fresh coconut grated, Black peppercorn whole, Cumin seeds, Sauf,Cinamon sticks, poppy seeds Turmeric powder, garlic,Red chilly powder,sesame seeds,Garlic sliced, Chicken breast ,Iceberg lettuce ,cucumber,tomato,Rice paper sheet,Onion & garlic

Kerala Style Prawns Curry Recipehad the right mix of Ingredients: prawn, onion,ginger,garlic,dry red chilly,mustard seeds,curry leaves,red curry paste,coconut milk salt,sugar,Chopped Tomatoes,red chilly powder

Lemon Fried Rice with Peanuts (Recipe): was completely coastal & ingredients just about the way it should be steamed Japanese rice, cooked Salted Peanuts, deep fried turmeric, yellow curry paste, lemon juice, curry leaves, coconut milk, onion

Panko Crusted Prawns Rawa Fry Style (Recipe)perfectly Mangalorean , with the right blend of Ingredients: Prawn, Red chilly powder, Ginger garlic paste, Black pepper corn powder, panko, Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaf finely minced, Salt ,sweet chilly sauce,sambal olek

Steamed Fish in Lotus Leaf with Malabar ( Recipe): Curry Spices, totally kerala feel with right mix of ingredients: basa fish,green chilly,cumin seeds,black peeper corn curry leaves,coriander seeds,cloves,ginger,garlic,tamarind pulp,coconut milk,salt,Sugar

I would like to thank Priyanka R K| Avian Media , for organizing Blogger meet event, sharing concept notes to he us understand about the" Twist in taste" & experience & ! I was completely "Asian Twisted!"
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