Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mixology session at Shiro at it's best 17 :)

Shiro presented  Mixology featuring  We like minded met & had the most popular series of midweek parties in namma bengaluru city! The Mixology session started a little past 7.30PM, where  we indulged in the give away of complimentary drinks to all the Men &  Ladies till 10pm! Best of all we did witness the super skilled flair bartender  in action with her mesmerizing juggling acts & amazing cocktails! by doing what he is best at!!

Shiro as I correctly recollect has three gigantic stone statues, a very impressive high ceiling, stone clad walls and flowing water bodies....!!! Two attentive bouncers & a smiling hostess let you in after a security check to a huge hall. You soak in the huge bar area with a DJ console next to it & smart use of the color, red. Space is not an issue at Shiro, with a lounge area, dance area near the bar, three party rooms and a private dining area, one level above. Stone imagery is abundant and so are beautifully dressed people.

Shiro welcomes you into their lounge cum restaurant with a giant statue of Buddha. The vibe of the crowd if very different than your regular page 3 bars, though I am afraid it might turn into one soon......

Alcohol specialities here are named SHIRO Specials and the mixtures are named very Asian. Velvet Kimono ( more like Melon Martini), Balinese Beach (3 Rums with Guvava & Lychee juice), Oriental Spicy (Vodka withGuvava). Try the Fig Mojito – an Old Monk based Mojito with Figs crushed with mint.

I would like to thank Priyanka R K| Avian Media , for organizing Blogger meet event, sharing concept notes to he us understand about the Mixology & experience & ! I was intoxicated you folks stumble on my blog!
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