Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Philips Innovation Center- Healthcare Blogger Meet

If everyone would have been healthy, we couldn't need doctors & there wouldn't have been any trends that will redefine healthcare industry, eh!!! Even before I start rambling my thoughts on the PIC Healthcare blogger Meet, I am taking the liberty as my cursor will never run out of words to share my exposure to the global health trends!!!

My introduction by Hans Rosling,  is exhilarating!!! So I take the liberty of writing to you, of what I have gathered from my Utopian world of Health Care, I am not going to be verbose. I would like to do some serious study & research, at least experimental (My life has been, I must admit!). Like I say for everything in life, Experiment and Explore, if you like it stick to it, if not move on or go back!
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions has created an interesting six-minute video in which Paul Keckley, the Center’s executive director, describes the seven mega-trends that will influence the healthcare industry in 2013.

Wido Menhardt, CEO, Philips Innovation Center Bangalore at Philips Health, Wellness and Fitness  broke the silence, giving us a heads up to the facility tour , setting the expectation of the Meet-Up! and was delighted to share that "India was no more a cost center as the major decisions are driven and delivered out of the research center. Also, there were a lot of effective collaboration, owing to co-location" .He walked us straight to the eICU (virtual ICU) facility, that transforms the ICU, into  a proactive care model ensuring availability of online data from connected patient monitors and real-time video images of patient conditions to Specialists

Hans Rosling-Excerpts on Global trends in health and economics (Courtesy ~TED)

Thanks to the bloggers meet up on 3rd April, 2013, at Philips Innovation Campus, Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore, by Himanshu Arora & Sonia Rachel Abraham, Rajalakshmi Azariah, Avian Media  for organizing facility tour, in fact it was a Campus tour to get a first hand feel of the various innovations


We were led by the facilitator to the subsequent section: "Heart-navigator", that allows clinicians to match a 3D image of the patient's cardiac anatomy with a live fluoroscopy image to show the position of catheters and the heart valve in real time 

Things were getting even interesting, to all our fellow bloggers as we were being led to the mother of all Imaging- "Computer Tomography"- dissected . The following heads up were provided by the facility & Avian Media for the blogger awareness- "Imaging- Radiation /idose": Diagnostic radiology tests utilizing various imaging equipment like CT/MR/ X-Ray are essential to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, reducing the risk of over radiation rays exposure to patients!! We were educated about the radiation risks from CT Scans and the average rise in the number of CT Scans done in India.

Well my final take on the Healthcare blogger meet: "WhatIndiaWants" is Social Innovation!!! to stay connected to products, brands that change Customer's Lives just as the Doctors, scientists researchers for a better way of life & increase the population immune system. Final word of thanks to Mrs Sumathi Rao, Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Mr. Ravi Ramaswamy, Mr. Shivakumar Mr. Srinivas Prasad,  Sushma Balu, Mr. Manu Sharma,  vertical heads from PIC a wonderful an interactive session & who were so patient enough to take up any questions.

For more information, please visit Philips Innovation Campus , for the latest & the greatest!!! & stay tuned to Social Media Space, where I share my thoughts & comments on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where we are always alive :)

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