Sunday, March 24, 2013

Unwind, Relax & live responsibly - desire to celebrate life!

This World is not enough!!! There is no limit to the scale of celebration..... "Man is a Social Animal " and this gives rise to a desire to celebrate life and the happiest people celebrate at the drop of a hot!!! Celebration means doing something we are passionate about!!! and everyone is different, by dancing or playing music, traveling, needless to say many a times these celebrations involve food & alcohol. Many a times we end up taking a "splurge". We must have a mechanism to Unwind, Relax & live responsibly - desire to celebrate life! Get high on spirits and keep your spirits high, but do it the right way. Get essential tips to enjoy your drinks responsibly.
Let's not make any occasion an "unforgettable" incident.....Eating before and during drinking alcohol is important to ensure that the alcohol gets absorbed slowly by the body .Well, one needs to stay in his limits and pace his drinks so you do not cross it, leading to embarrassing or even dangerous situations.....In the case of Scotch, it will be Black Dog. The finest offerings need to be enjoyed in the right proportions.

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience. 
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