Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scotch & bar accessories-A must have for a home bar

There are no rules when it comes to stocking a bar. Follow your most frequent guests and your preferences!!! Stock your bar with the following items, and you should be able to handle any occasion!!!

Bar @ Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore!
I have managed to get excerpts from Shiro's Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, & derived my own DIY style!!!

Bar @ Shiro UB City, Bangalore!
Beer,Blended whiskey
Brandy,Champagne,Gin,Liqueurs (coffee, orange, and herbal)
Wine (red, white, and sparkling)

Club soda,Fruit juice,Soft drinks
Sparkling and still waters (flavored and plain),Tomato or seasoned vegetable juice,Tonic water, Garnishes, Lime, slices, wedges, or peels,Coarse salt, for margaritas, Cocktail onions, for Gibsons,Cream of coconut, piña coladas, Hot-pepper sauce, for Bloody Marys Ice,Maraschino cherries,Olives, for martinis, Syrups!!!

I found one "Stainless Steel Bar Set" Cocktail Shaker, Strainer Bottle Opener Corkscrew!!!

Blender, Bottle opener, Citrus squeezer, Coasters, Cocktail napkins, Cocktail shaker or pitcher, Corkscrew, Cutting board, Dish towel, Drink stirrers, Ice bucket, Jigger, Paring knife, for fruit peels, Strainer!!!

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  2. Bar Accessories enable you to get the most out of your most loved drink. These helpful Barwares make blending, serving and getting a charge out of beverage fun.


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