Friday, March 1, 2013

Larger than life experience at Shiro's Steaming Sensation festival

Shiro, meaning "Castle" or "White" in Japanese, is top notch, upmarket, restaurant, in Bangalore, has a plethora of accolades for its signature high ceilings, awesome grand statues and award winning oriental cuisine. Just to give some more background, belongs to the JSM group, a partnership between noted restaurateurs Jay Singh and Sanjay Mahtani!!!

Well, the mood was just a perfect setting, for embarking on a grand and a wonderful evening, for a larger than life experience for - "Steaming Sensation festival ", what a better way to welcome the Chinese New year than sitting and sipping hot tea with sumptuous dim sums!!!

We were greeted by Dhiren Pawar, the GM, who ensured that every guest is wonderfully taken care of!!! as we were engrossed in the palatial facade and landscapes, bang came!!! Chef Priyank Chouhan, extremely humble, who walked us through the menu and as we were settling down, started sharing his experiments, experiences and of course the secrets to their sauces and offering every guest "a memorable Pan Asian experience" and Shiro’s culinary success.

We were delighted with varieties of exotic dumplings and we were awe'd like never before. waiting to relish the mouth-watering dumplings. Priyank, humple as always, surprised us by saying there's a lot in store for vegetarians like-Zucchini & Coriander Root Dumpling, Celery & Pepper Mushroom Dumpling, Spinach& Corn Dumpling. Neatly laid out in beautiful bamboo baskets, the "new-age dim sums" are a treat for the eyes as well:)

So, much so for meat lovers.....that included Yellow Curry Chicken Dumpling, Prawns wrapped in Chinese cabbage, Steamed Black Bean Pork Ribs.

This festival offers a dazzling array of traditional forms of dumplings that reflects the flavors of Chinese culture in real sense
In fact we were offered to try their Fig Mojito which they’ve innovated as it comes with a sugar cane stick instead of a glob of brown sugar at the bottom of the glass,  not a part of the Steaming Sensation Menu, but from the plethora of choice of "Exotic Drinks Menu!" Also,we got to enjoy the the Kiwitini, a Kiwi Martini :) as well, with the burst of dim sums.

 What we liked best:  My very outlook of dimsum concept changed after this visit  and we just con't complain, the most of us did ‘party’ as well, on one the best life time experience :)

What I liked least: I was a little disappointed that Steaming Sensation Menu doesn’t have a dessert menu. May be one suggestion to Chef Priyank,was to have the guest choose at least 'one', from Shiro desserts menu!!!

Thank at ton for the entire Shiro team for having us over and PR Priyanka and Himanshu from Avian Media for inviting us on behalf of Shiro. We had a lifetime experience!!!

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