Thursday, March 21, 2013

Krispy Kreme Blogger Meet & Tour!

Guess what the official Facebook of Krispy Kreame page says... 21,924 likes · 378 talking about this...!!! & that's the way to go......I am quoting from the citation of none other than.....Krispy Kreame!!! "Tired after a long day at work? Stop by and treat yourself to some awesome doughnuts. Everyone deserves to be pampered!" Oh yes!!! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  launched its first flagship store in Bangalore, 75 years after the company was founded July 13, 1937. Citymax Hotels India Pvt. Ltd., the hospitality division of Dubai-based retail giant Landmark Group, had earlier announced a franchise agreement with Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation to develop 80 Krispy Kreme stores in South and West India over the next five years with an investment of Rs 8 crore.  India is the 23rd country where Krispy Kreme, which has 700 outlets worldwide, has a presence. FORTUNE magazine quite literally named it "the hottest brand in America."

 I am reminded of my stay in America, a doughnut nation, the second best thing they've invented !!!  Let's me stop rambling ...!!! We bloggers got a personal invite from Bandita, Agnihotri, Marketing Manager, to gather at the flagship Krispy Kreame India Store on the 14th of March , 8.00PM-10.00PM!!! It was very special, as Social Media folks were transitioned from Sweet 'likes', to falling in 'love', with the mesmerizing donuts!!! We were briefed that that we would be welcomed with their signature coffee & assorted donuts & not forgetting to mention, their hats as well ..."Hat's off!! " , that took off in a timely manner.

Nothing to be at their signature Original Glazed doughnut, but they offer so many other delicious flavors. I try to mix it up once in a while with one of their several (custard, cinnamon-apple, powdered strawberry, powdered blueberry, cheesecake, Rs 60 each), however, belong to sugar-overload territ­ory and the cakes (Glazed Chocol­ate, Glazed Vanilla, Red Velvet, Rs 60 each). As part of our Krispy Kreme experience we learned about coffee pairing, it was something very American....!!!! 

The drill started when we were served half a dozen assorted donuts with coffee..Just irresistible :)It was more of a  blogger & family get-together, the best thing that happened!!! 

We had just followed the buzz when the Heart shaped for Valentines Day donuts were selling like mad & come companion offers promoted as well.....

"Bloggers & donuts enthuciasts Pairing Krispy Kreame Donuts with Coffee "

We were just in time to take a peek at the donut production lines, the 8.30 batch but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see it again… & again!!! We were welcomed by the Production line Manager, who walked us through the assembly!!! Each Krispy Kreme donut machine is capable of making 250 dozen doughnuts per hour , running at even 5 hours, would make it a humungous number .....15,000 per 5hours equating to 7.5L, thats' a great deal :)

So, in a nut shell, the Bangalore outlet is housed with aa full doughnut-making production line, which is going to source the upcoming stores in future!!! Krispy Kreame doughnut store is versatile in that most can support multiple sales channels to more fully utilize production capacity, is understood as the current “Business Model-Store Operations.” 

It was a thrilling experience for all bloggers as we did get to work on the original glazed donuts !!! and amazed at the fact that behind the scene folks, had the similar amount of energy from start of the day to when they retire, seriously, Man, I take a bow!!! to the entire team :)

A drive-through doughnut shop? as in the bakery section....!!! What more could you want? This place is amazing.Honestly recommend visiting this place and don't forget to try  they are heavenly delicious.

Thank you the entire team Krispy Kreame, for having created a wonderful experience for us!!!
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